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The profit gain that makes public house of 5 stars class weichis
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The Jiangsu that is located in old quarter of North Jiangsu revolution saves saline city to announced recently, will upgrade in the urban district, build public house of class of 5 5 stars, the hotel that whole town has nearly 30 to the home is built or rebuild in all proceed star class founds the job. According to divulging, this project total investment is as high as ten yuan. (" Beijing recreation believes a newspaper " will report on April 19) it is reported, the finance income 2003 is saline city only 5.6 billion yuan of trifling, this is meant, if saline city is all,restaurant transforms the job to be finished smoothly into planetary class, 1/5 what will consume income of saline city finance so, very apparent, this number is very astonishing.

Found the job to astral class, existing in place two kinds of disparate viewpoints, one kind is to come from at the government: A lot of government officials think, as a result of rapid development of economy, the astral class guesthouse of saline city had been used not quite, when holding a few large feast especially, guesthouse recieves ability more appear have too many problems to deal with, enlarge can rise a star to already became urgent matter. And the point of view that comes from folk is apropos and opposite: Saline sections of a city close to the city wall does not have necessary build so much originally hotel of 5 stars class, go up greatly astral class guesthouse is pure belong to figure project, it is a cadre toward the gild on him face.

The viewpoint is act in a way that defeats one's purpose between government and common people, be in apparently build with do not build astral class public house (especially hotel of 5 stars class) between, both is existing the problem that profit gain weichis. To the government, although making the stand of capital attraction, but in small saline town at a draught build hotel of class of 3 5 stars, very it's hard to say is done not have " figure project " " project of achievement in one's post " the ill will of cause trouble.

Nanjing city makes a person thoughtful with two groups of data that travel agent provides too: One, up to by 2003, jiangsu province shares guesthouse of class of 14 5 stars, basic concentration is in Su Na area; 2, Suzhou city welcomes 2000 much more domestic and international visitors every year, but Suzhou has public house of class of 3 5 stars only at present. And each visitor that big public house welcomes counted saline city only last year 100 thousand person-time, not as good as the odd of Suzhou. Contrast with finance income again, according to the report of Jiangsu statistic website, the finance income of Suzhou city was 29.08 billion yuan 2002, saline city is compared to it be Suzhou only 1/5 weak still.

Through intuitionistic contrast of the number, no matter go up to still be on finance income in travel number, saline city is in to lose absolutely the position of situation, whether is this city necessary to build public house of 5 stars class, had been self-evident thing. However, face folk group the sound of the doubt that has noisy and confused, saline city government still pay no attention to, bigoted, hold to mount a horse of project of astral class hotel, this is afraid had surmounted the astral class hotel with gorgeous support to support a government " face " category.
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