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What a star judges censor is dark seek experience
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According to the regulation of class of star of hotel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of national assess travel, already the restaurant of assess star class, by province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government orgnaization of assess of class of tourism bureau star makes a plan, organize carry out, at least annual check of investigate publicly and privately.

From each mostly relevant restaurant transfers quality inspector. Ask to unite an examination must assemble for training a few days. Restaurant general manager pays close attention to very much annual for a time check, regard the turning point that pays overall quality as this, with examination of await the arrival of of attitude of " of " combat readiness. Of course, also have some of hotel that become proficient, at any time await respectively presence, nevertheless, this kind of restaurant is less.

Some restaurant, leave a heart to look for already take the list that joins inspector of quality of assemble for training (in fact, list is not confidential also) , or input its computer, or antechamber dest clerk is carried on the back fluently, want censor to be registered only, obtain " of the truth of sth. , your " is dark visit " , my " outfit is foolish " , the monitoring of restaurant is photographed like camera lens from beginning to end focusing your track, "Outside " is tightened inside the pine, stare at you to did not discuss, have cogged ill will it seems that, when actually this pours the investigation ability that is test censor.

Actually, it is a problem, already cover does not live, also cannot evasive. Press following shortcut to operate, can discover a problem from inside subtle minor details of management definitely, because restaurant is the run that " iron makes dish, the arms " of running water, clerk mood is impossible to be stabilized absolutely, so problem happening unavoidable.

The common fault hardware of restaurant hard, software is soft. Open business before long restaurant gets this disease easily. Software issue is Baconian rise, 4 go: Working manner follows thought mood to go, work discipline manages a state to go accordingly, service quality checks strength to go accordingly, orderly atmosphere follows spot management to go.

Review overall situation, contrast is apparent. Manage longer restaurant to get this disease many. One kind is before after weighing light. The facilities facilities maintenance inside guest line of sight and clean sanitation are done weller, conversely, kitchen, coarse guest line of sight does not sweep the stage to be differred everywhere.

Another kind is the place that him restaurant runs the rate that amount to mark is high, conversely, contract the maintenance of rental place and clean sanitation and service quality often do not reach the designated position.

" service guideline " , renown fact nots agree with. Old hotel makes this disease easily. Some serves an item, if brush a shoe freely service, wash clothes urgent service, fixed song and dance in " service guideline " in not have or have and not complete, textual research of the have no way when the examination; Some serve time are changed easily, even of the mark on the guideline, the with real service time that service place sticks 3 not agree with; Cause after some mobile location positions are mobile cannot try to locate sth by following up a clue; Some phone shift or number are changed cause confuse one thing with another, not effective.
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