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Qingdao city travels (astral class) restaurant safety administers a standard
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Tourism is one of industries of economy of 3 big characteristic of Qingdao city, in recent years, the travel hotel industry of Qingdao city got apace develops. Seek the person of black visitor and restaurant consumer for safeguard, belongings safety, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of tourist and restaurant operator, the health of industry of hotel of stimulative our city develops, need is unified, clear, the exact safety administration level that accords with restaurant management to reach a convention actually comes standard, establish this standard for this.

This standard is the long-term practice that industry of hotel of summary our city runs a side in safety, concern the regulations of legal laws and regulations and relevant section according to the country, consulted to be made about the requirement of national level. The goal that establishs this standard is the safety administration that is Qingdao hotel industry the job provides necessary guidance, the happening that reduces safe liability accident reduces what cause from this to damage.

This standard is put forward by bureau of Qingdao city tourism and put in an explanation 's charge.

This standard drafts an unit: Does the favour in lament He Xin Meiwei pour Fei Xue?

This standard basically drafts a person: Shipboard as kind of bag? Jiang Dong and, wang Shujuan, yan Yi, wang Yubao

Standard of Qingdao city place

Qingdao city travels (astral class) restaurant safety runs normative requirement


This standard set tourism (astral class) the basic and normative requirement that restaurant safety runs

This standard applies to travel (astral class) restaurant, other the unit that provides accommodation and relevant service also can consult use

Cite standard

The clause that following standard place contains, through citing in this standard compose makes the clause of this standard. When the standard is published, what show version to all be effective, all standards can be edited, use this level each just should be discussed, use following level the possibility of newest version.

Of class of star of GB/T14308-2003 travel hotel delimit dispenses assess

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Civil building designs GB50045-95(2001) high level fire prevention standard

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Construction of GB50261-96 automatic sprinkler system and check and accept a standard

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