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Hotel of the class that judge a star needs to cross safety to close greatly firs
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Safety is the lifeline of travel. 17 days, " work of safety of Shanxi province travel implements plan " come on stage formally and begin to carry out, this is my province builds perfect travel safety to grow effect mechanism first, travel safety administration will have Zhang Ke follow.

Road transportation accident is the main body of travel safety accident all the time, " plan " specific provision, complete province wants energetically normative travel car manages action, severe check car to take " ill " the operation, overweighted operation, overtime operation activity that endangers tourist security. Travel agent is when hire car, the vehicle that must choose qualification of the motorcade with good reputation, specifications and responsibility heart the driver with strong, excellent technology, put an end to driver violate the rules and regulations, exhaustion to drive wait for behavior.

Travel safety will regard assessment as a of restaurant of travel star class main index, the fire prevention, guard against theft, main content that prevents bromatoxism to become liability of safety of restaurant of travel star class. According to relative standard, restaurant of travel star class should install smoke feeling to call the police, the facilities facilities such as monitoring of door of liner spray, fire prevention, fire alarm, deploy the safe facilities such as safe of safe supervisory system, valuable, safe to fire control of astral class restaurant short of asks, will not astral class assess or do not grant to pass astral class check.

The golden week makes the key period of time that safety is on guard. Various travel management department and travel scene area (dot) organize large travel section to celebrate an activity, must enact travel security program and lash-up measure beforehand, undertake to place of road, activity meticulous make an on-the-spot investigation, sign up for government office of local civil administration to reach concerned branch to put on record, ensure mobile safety undertakes in order.

" plan " still put forward, begin from now, province tourism bureau will cooperate to visit travel scene area to me about the branch (dot) begin safe state to evaluate the work, evaluate will differentiate 4 grade, achieve B class above, ability is obtained " situation of security of tourist attraction of area of scene of Shanxi province travel evaluates approve book " .

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