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Health of industry of stimulative hotel of astral class assess develops in order
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"Restaurant hardware is not worth software to fill, the hardware of SamSung class, 4, the service of 5 stars class " this kind of conduct propaganda often can be heard, but this is unscientific actually. Because different astral level represented different service level, the service of a hotel must be it is with hardware rely on, left hardware to talk about a service, undoubted at be an armchair strategist, still meet pair of hotel staff and guest produce misdirect, cause needless trouble thereby.

System of assess of executive star class is helpful for the product of the relevant industry such as hotel industry and travel agent selling

System of hotel star class is the universal language of international tourism, it is a system with world tourism current developed country, with " star " the hardware class that more or less will represent a hotel and service project, make the guest does not accept the restriction of language character, of restaurant of be clear at a glance roughly circumstance.

Generally speaking, when tourist enters several countries or one country travels more, general requirement lives identical restaurant, enjoy same service, and ask each restaurant on travel course is OK one-time book. When doing a group to plan like a travel agent, must make clear the class of the accommodation in its journey and level, this class and level are measured normally with astral class, do special specification to the tourist. For the tourism group that organizes to global travel agent, reserve the hotel that accords with astral grade level through whole journey, there was basic basis on service standard, be helpful for catchpenny passenger source and activity of constituent arrangement travel. Come loose to business affairs for the guest, astral class assess makes they can master destination restaurant in living ground roughly circumstance, have business affairs, trip in destination for them thereby, visit waited for an activity to offer more advantage.

To restaurant, assess star class makes the sale cost of restaurant is reduced, and the effect increases. If a restaurant is judged,go up before astral class, when marketting service product to the guest, must have the aid of undertakes explain and demonstrative at astral class, if allege,this restaurant is equivalent to SamSung or 4 stars, or be according to build of level of grade of a few stars etc. Although such sale or propagandist instrument can have certain effect, but no matter be Cong Chengxin, abide by the law,existing with sale effect respect quite big question. On one hand, because of hotel star class the mark already was in the country is versed in registration book is bureau of brand of management board of commercial firm politics proof brand, enjoy corresponding legal right, travel without the country accredit of orgnaization of assess of class of bureau hotel star or approbate, any units or individual are risked with, make free with and use astral class mark to do management sex to publicize, all disobeyed " civil code general rule " , " economic contract law " wait for a regulation " honest credence " principle, and had been formed violate act. On the other hand, the service of astral class restaurant is told on the whole have safeguard, astral class restaurant is to pass very great effort to just reach astral level generally speaking standard and get astral class indicates. Restaurant of the class that be not a star uses astral class mark to publicize his, formed to consumer not only misdirect and con, and the rights and interests of the restaurant that encroached other to already obtained astral class to indicate, belong to unfair competition. In addition, as dimension authority consciousness rise ceaselessly, although the hardware establishment of restaurant and software served a respect to already reached corresponding astral level, because do not have the cognizance of orgnaization of astral class assess and astral class mark, consumer publicizes not complete also show respect for to this kind. The sale ministry of restaurant of class of star of this respect blame, antechamber ministry, guest room ministry and meal ministry can have more feeling. Be like to antechamber, accepting the guest is booked and recieve medicinal powder when the guest, although relapse to show astral level to the guest, also can have quite tune of one part guest and go, the guest that stay also is met farther argy-bargy, go up objectively thereby the profit space that older rate land compresses restaurant.
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