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" standard of Chinese green restaurant " are there those characteristics?
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On March 1, 2003, the national occupation standard that drafts by Chinese restaurant association " standard of Chinese green restaurant " (SB/T10356-2002) by trade of former state classics appoint (take-over to work this by Department of Commerce now) promulgate and carry out formally. This is up to now, the first of industry of our country hotel, also be the occupation standard of only green restaurant country that has authority most. (basis " People's Republic of China standardizes a way " the 6th, " People's Republic of China standardizes a law to carry out byelaw " the 16th regulation, local standard is in " after corresponding national level or occupation standard are carried out, abolish by oneself. " )

On the foundation that draws lessons from standard of foreign green restaurant, chinese restaurant association is making our country " green restaurant " what basically hold when the standard is principle, directive restaurant company is making in order to, the green plan that implements this enterprise and measure have OK and referenced main train of thought. In the meantime, a few trends, refined index and requirement are put in carry out in evaluating detailed rules. Because, a of green restaurant primary purpose is improved continuously namely, of the ceaseless development as the relevant technology that involves requirement of restaurant safety, healthy, environmental protection and equipment and policy of form a complete set come on stage stage by stage, carry out evaluate detailed rules to also will be done subsequently refine and adjust necessarily.

"Chinese green restaurant " the standard is main the characteristic is:
(one) a standard: Standard of Chinese green restaurant is restaurant of our country green the first also is so far occupation standard of only a country.

(2) two labels: Of Chinese green restaurant found the state of two kinds of course of study that covers hotel industry with assess.

1, restaurant (include accommodation, meal the enterprise of condition of two kinds of industry) . To achieve or exceeding the restaurant of green restaurant standard, will allow use " Chinese green restaurant " label.

2, cafeteria (the enterprise of state of single meal course of study) . Divide to achieve or exceeding green restaurant " green guest room " the cafeteria of the standard outside the part, will allow use " Chinese green cafeteria " label.

(3) 3 concepts: "Safe, healthy, environmental protection " , these 3 concepts are the main body content that forms Chinese green restaurant.

1, safe. It is a of green restaurant main feature. In restaurant, those who affect safety basically is fire control safety, public security safety, food safety, profession safety and consumptive safety these 5 elements.

2, healthy. It is to point to offer for consumer serve and enjoy what be beneficial to health, namely green guest room and green meal. Accordingly, in the course that builds green hotel, want will " with factitious this " as jumping-off place; When evaluating green restaurant, should regard main feature and element as to have a consideration the service that whether provides health and product.
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