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Standard of profession of country of guest room clerk
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Standard of profession of country of guest room clerk
1. Professional general situation
1. 1 profession name
Guest room clerk.
1. 2 professions are defined
In the place such as passenger ship of restaurant, guesthouse, travel cleanness is mixed arrange guest room,
Offer guest to greet send, the personnel of the service such as accommodation.
1. 3 professions grade
One's job course of study sets 3 social estate in all, it is respectively: Primary (national profession endowment
Case 5 class) , intermediate (national profession qualification 4 class) , advanced (national profession
Qualification 3 class) .
1. 4 professions environment
Indoor, normal temperature.
1. Feature of 5 professions ability
Have good language to convey ability; Can get, understanding outside information,
Have analysis, judgement and make response quickly; Have certain computational capacity;
Good start coordinates a gender, can rapid, accurate, agile ground finishs each
Service operation.
1. Rate of 6 basic literacy
Junior high school graduates.
1. 7 groom requirement
1. 7. 1 groom deadline
Full-time vocational school is taught, develop target and education plan according to its
Affirmatory. Promotion grooms deadline: Primary when not less than 70 standard learning; Intermediate not
Learn less at 80 standards when; Advanced when not less than Ito standard learning.
1. 7. 2 earth up pair of teachers
Groom the teacher of clerk of primary guest room should have one's job job intermediate above
Professional qualification certificate; Groom the teacher of clerk of medium, advanced guest room should be had
One's job employment is high professional qualification certificate or office of this technology of major of professional and intermediate above
Wu holds a post qualification, have 2 years of above at the same time groom teaching experience.
1. 7. 3 groom field equipment
Classroom, information desk (provide guest room of computer X standard (or imitate standard
Guest room) and relevant realia and equipment.
1. 8 appraisal ask
1. 8. 1 applicable object
Be engaged in or prepare to be engaged in this occupational personnel.
1. 8. 2 declare a condition
, , primary (the person that have one of the following requirements)
O) job of classics one's job is primary and regular groom amount to duration of formulary standard learning, and
Obtain finish (knot) industry letter.
(2) in one's job course of study successive learn on job works 2 years above.
, , intermediate (the person that have one of the following requirements)
* ) acquire one's job line of business after certificate of primary profession qualification, be engaged in continuously this
The profession works 2 years above, job of classics one's job is intermediate and regular groom amount to formulary level
Learn duration, obtain finish (knot) industry letter.
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