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The tourist guide serves quality
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The tourist guide serves quality
Promulgate time: On December 11, 2001

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Quality of tourist guide service

1, limits

This standard stipulated the quality that the tourist guide serves asks, put forward a tourist guide to serve the processing principle of a certain number of problems in the process. This standard applies to the tourist guide service that of all kinds travel agent provides in recieving tourist process.

2, definition

This standard uses following definition

Travel Service of 2.1 travel agent

Be established lawfully and have corporate organization, be engaged in soliciting, welcome tourist, organize travel activity, execute the enterprise of independent business accounting.

2.2 form a delegation travel agent (abbreviation forms a delegation company) Domestic Tour Wholesaler

Accept tourism group (person) or overseas travel agent is booked, make and make known to lower levels welcomes a plan, can offer whole journey to accompany the travel agent that the tourist guide serves.

2.3 recieve travel agent (abbreviation recieves a company) Domestic Lad Operator

Accept form a delegation the commission of the company, according to the member that recieve plan accreditation place to accompany tourist guide person, travel of responsible organization arrangement is round (person) look around in place visit the travel agent that waits for an activity.

Tour Escort of 2.4 the leader of a sports team

Get delegate of overseas travel agent, this travel agent leads full-fledged member the staff member that tourism group undertakes travel activity.

Torur Guide of personnel of 2.5 tourist guides

Certificate of qualification of tourist guide of hold People's Republic of China, get travel agent delegate, according to welcome a plan, be engaged in accompanying tourism group (person) look around, visit the personnel that waits for the job. The member that tourist guide personnel includes whole journey to accompany tourist guide person and place accompany tourist guide personnel.

The member that 2.5.1 places accompany tourist guide person (abbreviation ground is accompanied) Local Guide

Suffer welcome travel agent delegate, the delegate recieves a company, carry out welcome a plan, for tourism group (person) provide place travel activity arrangement, explain, the tourist guide personnel of the service such as the interpreter.
The member that 2.5.2 whole journey accompany tourist guide person (abbreviation is accompanied completely) National Guide

Suffer form a delegation travel agent accreditation, as form a delegation the delegate of the company, next carrying out cooperate to welcome a plan in what the leader of a sports team and place accompany tourist guide personnel, for tourism group (person) offer completely itinerary the tourist guide personnel that accompanies a service.
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