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Hotel star class divides reach assess
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Of hotel star class differentiate reach assess

1 limits
This standard set hotel star stage differentiate basis, requirement, condition and assess principle.
The hotel star class of all sorts of economy property that this standard applies to churchyard of People's Republic of China to do business formally divides reach assess.
2 cite standard
The clause that following standard place contains, make the clause of this standard through in the adduction of this standard compose. When the standard is published, what show version to all be effective. All standards can be edited, use this level each just should be discussed, the newest version that uses following level.
LB/T001-1995 travel restaurant uses public information graphic symbol
3 definitions and code name
3.1 definitions
3.1.1 stars class
Express the grade of restaurant and category with the star.
3.1.2 restaurant
Can be support of the people of guest of tourist person, business affairs to go vacationing guest or the organization that all sorts of conferences provide accommodation establishment and relevant service, in partial area it also is called guesthouse, hotel, go vacationing center of village, edifice, travel.
3.1.3 code name
Astral class expresses with five-pointed star, represent one star step with a five-pointed star, two five-pointed star represent 2 stars step, 3 five-pointed star represent SamSung step, 4 five-pointed star represent 4 stars step, 5 five-pointed star represent 5 stars step.
Of 4 stars class differentiate and according to
4.1 restaurant differentiate for 5 stars class, namely one star class, 2 stars class, SamSung class, 4 stars class, 5 stars class. Astral level is higher, the class that represents hotel is higher. The mark of this standard is carried out by the standard of concerned mark.
Of 4.2 stars class differentiate to reach level of management, service to be a basis with facilities of hotel building, adornment, facilities, of facilities of the facilities facilities that specific assess measure promulgates according to national tourism bureau and service project criterion for evaluation, facilities maintain 5 standards such as criterion for evaluation of opinion of level of system of perception of quality of maintenance criterion for evaluation, clean wholesome criterion for evaluation, customer, guest are carried out.
All area inside 4.3 hotel building, including rental business area should be a whole, in the process of the examination of astral class assess, what do not get the property right because of some area, right of administration and administrative power is detached and distinction is treated.
4.4 restaurant start business just can declare corresponding star class after a year, examine via orgnaization of assess of corresponding star class after affirming, can enjoy the day that gives a shop sign oneself to rise 5 years period astral class mark and name access. Practice is not worth restaurant of a year to be able to file preliminary star form, period of efficacy a year.
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