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How to apply credit card of international of Great Wall of Bank of China
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How to apply L of credit card of international of Great Wall of Bank of China, how to handle card?
Application card procedure is simple, need to fill in only application form case (the bank is offerred) , financial condition investigates case (the bank is offerred) by place branch affix one's seal, photocopy of Id blocking a person does in attach can.
2, what sort does card of Great Wall international have?
According to different country and area, card of Great Wall international has money of 3 kinds of liquidation, america area is gone to before beautiful round card is appropriate among them (like Australian) ; Euro gets stuck by in travel is banner roll out, head for European country aptly; Hongkong dollar card suits to head for Hong Kong area.
3, what characteristic does card of Great Wall international have?
Metric system of international of 1) head home blocks the whole world general
The Bank of China is the commercial bank that home issues foreign currency the earliest to get stuck, card of Great Wall international uses international metric system to get stuck, but by the world 22 million business door of 256 countries and area are accepted extensively, also can deal with in member bank take show professional work. Have it, the shopping consumption that you all can enjoy the whole world, hotel is booked reach hire all-around excellent service such as the car, still can pass it to have drawback when European country goes custom.
The credence with true 2) consumes quick reimbursement way
Card of Great Wall international is " consume first, hind reimbursement " borrow write down card. You need not deposit money beforehand, decide spendable line of credit according to nucleus of your financial condition circumstance by the bank however, you can be consumed with card inside this limitation or take now.
3) foreign currency consumes RMB reimbursement
After Great Wall international blocks the person that hold card to hold calorie of consumption to produce money, can written guarantee by corresponding month odd, use RMB buys foreign exchange repay debt.
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