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Phylogeny of Chinese hotel industry
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Phylogeny of Chinese hotel industry

The origin of Chinese hotel industry should begin from dak of business acting medium-term, already had more than 3000 years of histories up to now. Its develop a process is to accompanying China to economy grows and develop.
One, the formation of restaurant of Chinese ancient time and development
The hotel with old 1.- - dak
(The origin of 1) dak
According to historical record, establishment of China's oldest room of a kind of government is dak. In ancient time, have pallet communication tool only, the make known to lower levels of gubernatorial government order, of the archives between various government deliver, and the exchange of letters between various places, want to rely on person specially assigned for a task to send. Past dynasties government dominates to be carried out effectively, must carry message expedite, accordingly all the time follow this kind of dak transfers a system, the offers for messenger accommodation establishment arise at the historic moment that suits with photograph of this kind of system, this is famed the dak of Chinese ancient time at the world. From business acting metaphase stops 22 years to Qing Guangxu, dak lives forever more than 3000 years unexpectedly, this is China's oldest hotel.
In the long years that dak of Chinese ancient time exists in its, of the change of the alternate as a result of dynasty, government order, territory exhibit shrink and the reason such as scanty a place of strategic importance of traffic, the form that its exist and name appeared complex case. Although dak results from post passes traffic system, the original idea when newly established is the accommodation establishment that recieves messenger technically, but the connection that produced countless ties with other and official personnel and civilian traveler however later. Dak this one name, point to the official room establishment when its newly established only sometimes, included civilian brigade to abandon again sometimes.
Far in Yan Dai, our country already had post to pass, zhou Dai already had the post road of level off. Allegedly, in the country outskirt reachs the road both sides of field to connect constant grow tree to be in in order to indicate viatic when the Western Zhou Dynasty, along the road has cottage 10 lis, stock food; 30 lis have constellation, construct room having a way; 50 lis have city, set await a house, these are enjoyed. After, dak returns constant change development. The setting of dak of Chinese ancient time and use, under the direct administration that is in past dynasties government completely.
(The system of bookkeeping of accord with check of 2) dak
To prevent to produce an accident, past dynasties government all regulation of proclaimed in writing: Associate with personnel arrives dak seek temporary lodging, must proof of hold government journey. When the Warring States, "Section " is the official journey proof of dak of seek temporary lodging. Chinese generation, "" of inscribed wooden tablet and " of certificate of " accord with are the keepsake of viatic come-and-go, to Tang Dynasty, "Section " and " of certificate of " accord with are crossed by " a " and " of " post certificate replace. While the journey shows an evidence, post administrator implements bookkeeping system even, the " guest that is equivalent to later ages about registers " system.
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