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" business affairs is communicated " (primary) measure a problem oneself
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" business affairs is communicated " (primary) measure a problem oneself

One, individual choice is inscribed (in asking will right answer to fill bracket with corresponding letter)
1. The way one gets along with people should be enthusiastic optimistic, attentive is civilized, () , manner is easy and agile.
A. B of gentle adn cultivated. Riant face
C. Simpatico D. Real intention of the real situation
2. Demeanour cannot leave experience, alleged experience, it is () , 2 be psychology.
A. The B of appearance. Of bearing
C. The D of dress. Of the technology
3. When talking with the guest, the distance does not want too close, also cannot too far, about () had better.
A. 1 meter of B. Half meters of C. Proper D. 1. 5 meters
4. The secretary is recieved call in the guest must be abided by () principle.
A. Help others B. Inspire others
C. Guide others D. The others such as be apt to
5. Appearance is a person of spiritual outlook explicit reflect. The feature that it includes a person, attitude, dress and () .
A. Individual sanitation B. Language
C. Behavioral D. Need person kind
6. The evaluation with the ranking to secretary personnel person that call in, depend on above all secretary () .
A. Recieve means B of the guest. Welcome the guest's attitude
C. Recieve language D of the guest. Recieve the guest's appearance
7. Entrance guard should strengthen in welcoming the job () the job.
A. B of interrogate and examine. Recieve
C. Observation D. Register
8. The working atmosphere that reception weak environment includes parlor, recieve personnel () wait for element.
A. Dress B. Culture level
C. Moral sense D. Individual accomplishment
9. The stand or fall of environment of the air in welcoming the job is right () influential.
A. Judgement B of the person. The person's affection
C. The person's behavior and psychological D. The person's vision
10. The need when the secretary handles official bussiness is worn decorous and neat () .
A. Professional clothing B. Evening dress
C. Fashionable dress D. Sportswear

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