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Green restaurant standard
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Green restaurant standard
SB/T 10356—2002
Assess of green hotel social estate sets

1 limits
The term that this standard set green restaurant and definition, grade differentiates the assess condition that reachs assess of label, grade and administrative principle and green restaurant.
This standard applies to the restaurant of churchyard of People's Republic of China.
Citation of 2 compasses plasticity
The clause in following file makes the provision of this standard through the adduction of this standard. The citation that always fixes date, its subsequently all modification sheet (the content that does not include correct errors in printing) or revised edition all does not apply to this standard, however, encourage each research that comes to an agreement according to this standard to whether can use the newest version of these files. The citation that always does not fix date, its latest edition applies to this standard originally. 
System of management of GB/T 19001-2000 quality asks (Idt ISO 9001: 2000)
Standard of system of management of GB/T 24001-1996 environment reachs use guideline (Idt ISO 14001: 1996)
3 term and definition
Following term and definition apply to this standard.
Green restaurant Green Hotel
Reflect the demand of GB/T 24001—1996, apply environmental protection, healthy, safe concept, advocate green consumption, protect zoology and the restaurant of reasonable use resource. Its core is to be a client to provide the comfortable, safe, green guest room that is helpful for human body health asking and green meal, what and be managed in production the protection to the environment and resource strengthen in the process is reasonable use.
4 grade differentiate reach a label
Green restaurant cent is 5 grade, offerring the respect such as environment of green service, protection to make the effort of different level according to the enterprise, cent is class of class A, AA, AAA class, AAAA class, AAAAA class in all 5 grade. AAAAA class is the superlative degree.
4.1Class A
State restaurant accords with the respect law laws and regulations such as national environmental protection, wholesome, safety, already began to implement a few measure that improve an environment, already made the commitment on time in crucial environmental principle aspect.
4.2AA class
State restaurant is offerring green for consumer the effort with reduced company operation to already was made to influence respect of the environment service, certain, obtained abecedarian result.
4.3AAA class
State restaurant adopts continual practice, in protection zoology and the respect such as reasonable use resource obtained fruitful progress, lead position is in in industry of our region hotel.
4.4AAAA class
In stating the service of restaurant and establishment are improving the practice of zoology benefit, the height that gained a society is approbated, offer new pioneering work ceaselessly, be in domestic hotel industry lead position.
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