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" office work and management " (primary) self check measures a problem oneself
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" office work and management " (primary) self check measures a problem oneself
One, individual choice is inscribed (ask will right answer to fill bracket with corresponding letter inside)
1. Recieve working environment to prepare to have weak environment and () .
A. Safe environment B. Indoor environment
C. Social environment D. Sound environment
2. Parlor should get ready seat, boiled water and () .
A. The basin spends B. Paper and pen
C. D of one side mirror. A phone
3. Office appliance design wants elegant () .
A. Afforest B. Decent
C. Novel D. Hard usage
4. To the incoming letter of run-of-mill problem, secretary personnel should be received () principle pass on is inferior unit or concerned branch processing.
A. Classify B. Classification put in a mouth 's charge
C. Classify file D. Particular case is particular analysis
5. Office management has the play to constituent whole action () .
A. Continuance action B. Continuously action
C. Coordinate action D. Urge action
6. point of cento of vital incoming letter, basically lead via after the director leads examine and verify, reporting, what this points to is () .
A. Turn do B. Case turns C. Arrive directly at D. Pick a newspaper
7. The first requirement of conduction incoming letter and precondition are () .
A. Read B in detail. Register seriously
C. Seal off in time D. Accurate hand in do
8. Getting when using office things, except register get outside using time, phyletic, measure, return due () .
A. B of leader sign one's name. Extend person autograph
C. Check the person signs D. Get sign one's name of choose and employ persons
9. The job that article secret personnel undertakes to the manuscript that already signed and issue copy out is copied or prints cries () .
A. Nuclear draft B. Copy imprints C. Proofread D. Make a drafe
10. The corrector of the file asks cogent assure file text () .

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