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Xiamen first hotel to open tourist hotel reward energy saving can be hundreds
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If the hotel has been selected as "green tourism in 2010, Xiamen City Hotel Energy Model", Finance 10 million each will be given financial incentives for energy conservation. Yesterday, reporter learned from the Provincial Tourism Bureau, in order to create "low carbon" tourism economy, to further promote the tourist hotel industry in Xiamen, energy saving, energy saving this year, Xiamen City Office, City Tourism Bureau and the Municipal Finance Bureau jointly organize the first "green tourism Hotel energy demonstration unit named "activities, and the first tourist hotels to open energy saving incentives. Province Information Bureau issued excellent software products in 2010 before the province, Fujian Province Information Office granted Digital Ltd fine network of game software development to "conquer", R & D Co., Ltd. Xiamen gigabit network technology, online game software "asks" Fujian Newland Software Engineering Co., Ltd. R & D of mobile communication business operation support system BOSS, Fuzhou Fuda Technology Co., Ltd. R & D Automation Control System PLC-based design and commissioning services, four product "excellent software products in Fujian Province in 2010" title.
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