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InterContinental Shanghai Expo import NEC IP Phone System
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October 12, NEC announced the construction of the Shanghai-date world-class hotel, close to the Expo site in Pudong a "InterContinental Shanghai Expo," into IP telephone system. Which, NEC multi-function color touch-screen IP phone UNIVERGE IP Phone DT750 is the first time into the Chinese market. The import system, including NEC's UNIVERGE SV8500 communications server and the IP phone DT750.UNIVERGE SV850 support not only voice, but also provide unified communications and mobile solutions; and multi-function color touch screen DT750 is a unique multi-language features, guests over the phone LCD touch screen, can learn, including regional maps, detailed information on the Expo, as well as asset management system (PMS) of a lot of information. The system provides a variety of menu features not only facilitate the guests can easily find information, and no longer need a phone book yellow pages, but also improve the efficiency of the hotel, the hotels business to concentrate on focus on hotel operations; the same time, to Guests from around the world shopping and multi-lingual tour guide will also help the hotel's revenue. This time, the 400 InterContinental Shanghai Expo will be fully installed DT750IP room phone, a total of 420 sets. NEC will work with FCS Computer Systems (*) for the joint development of DT750 to customize applications. Best e-commerce platform Confidential Secret! Market may find that reversal of the recent Institutions of capital flows has changed dramatically! Main funding is plotting a new layout! "Since we are away from the nearest five-star hotel Expo, so we are committed to provide all guests the best service and facilities. NEC phone system includes the company's latest technology, guests can only meet their fingertips the latest consulting needs. "InterContinental Shanghai Expo general manager Michel Koopman said. "NEC is pleased to be able to InterContinental Shanghai Expo offers UNIVERGE IP telephony systems, and are pleased to see that this system will help to raise the hotel-leading customer service." NEC senior vice president and general manager of the bridge Chak said. "NEC has a long in the history of customer service market, providing complete communications solutions, which makes InterContinental Shanghai Expo to focus on its core business, the world-class five-star hotel business better." Chak said the bridge . InterContinental Shanghai Expo is the Intercontinental Hotel in China, one of the 21 hotels, NEC will continue its subsidiary, Beijing, Suzhou, offers products and services. In the future, NEC will also accumulated in the hotel industry with experience and expertise, expanding global IP telephony and unified communications systems sales.
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