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Five-star standard hotel industry is about to dress again
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Introduction: Country Garden, which owns five-star or fi ve star hotels listed over a dozen rooms, is the most comprehensive strength of the local five-star hotel chain groups. Currently, the Country Garden Country Garden's hotel by their own design, construction and management, not only all kinds of luxurious rooms, high private clubs, Chinese and Western restaurants, swimming pool, tennis courts and other facilities, part of the hotel is also equipped to accommodate super- thousands of international conference center, multi-language simultaneous translation system with the ladder of meeting rooms.
◎ Country Garden Most five-star standard hotel project planning and construction, covering sports, entertainment, Chinese and Western restaurants, luxurious rooms, function rooms and other facilities, to enhance the quality of living in the same time, promote the appreciation of property.
◎ Hotel introduction of the "Golden Key" service concept, to respect you "satisfaction + surprise", sincerely for your service;
We live in the Country Garden Lake City to Linyi in this beautiful lake side of the River. South of the Lake, because the water in Chaohu Smart. October, 800 in the Nest Lake, five-star hotels outside trial operation is of course the waterfront line Yanbohaomiao most dazzling moment of inlaid pearl.
Phoenix Nest Lake to upgrade five-star living wings
Country Garden Lake City as one of the important supporting, Lake City is about five-star standard hotel and outside in 10 trial completed by the end of business. Phoenix Lake City, five-star hotel about 6 Articles, Chinese restaurant, Western restaurant, KTV, chess and so on. Has 337 rooms, including the Presidential Suite and Royal Suite 1, 19 executive rooms, 62 business rooms, deluxe rooms 253. In the restaurant area of about 4,300 square feet. Such a perfect package, no doubt added to the city and the Lake Country Garden considerably. Country Garden Holdings Co., Ltd. in Anhui currently has seven five-star standard hotel, located in: Anhui Chaohu, Chaohu, Anhui in the Temple, and county Chaohu, Anhui, Wuhu, Anhui Province, Huangshan, Anhui Anqing. Country Garden Phoenix Hotel Anqing, which was November 15, 2009 official business. Country Garden handwriting regional listed companies reflects the global outlook and perspective. Nest Lake as the first five-star hotel opened, marking the community supporting the further improvement of the owners and guests distinguished five-star hotel services. At the same time, the hotel open and operating, will improve the local investment environment.
Just as people Chaohu Chaohu Chaohu not only the general, the lake's construction and the rise of a city of Hefei is also not just the opportunities and take-off opportunity.
October 2009, a bridge construction throughout the Chaohu lake news that are boiling up. Chaohu Lake Road, travel and tourism an important node in the project - Nanfei River Bridge project in October 28, 2009 was officially launched, is expected to November 28, 2011 opening. By then, the city will work with the Lake District, Chaohu City, led by a bridge phase.
Map of Chaohu lake open we can find, if the lake's natural beauty and cultural landscape to make a general comparison, no doubt, to Lao Shan Zhong Temple Island and the northern lake, represented more fascinating. Mountains, water, paper, King, in a straight line but a few dozen kilometers from Hefei, the North Lake, has a rare beauty that is God given pearl Hefei, Hefei, another cross to the Lake Times Great power.
Chaohu Lake in order to develop tourism resources, but also to forge closer links between the two places. Chaohu Lake Road starts construction of tourism in the lake set up a shortest path on the bridge, along the north bank of Chaohu Lake has beautiful scenery and tourist repair a road. Make transport more convenient, the scenery close at the moment, what is there such a thing even more than happiness?
800 communities in the maturation of the nest lake
Lake City Country Garden has been opened since 2008 continued commitment to the community product, environment, infrastructure, cultural and other quality improvement. In addition to the opening of the Phoenix hotel, other community development facilities has become more perfect; community supporting a self-built water plant, the introduction of lake water. Commercial Street community has been built, 2,000 square meters of living a successful investment supermarket, commercial facilities will be gradually stationed; coupled with the introduction of outlets around the large commercial centers and other municipal facilities, the quality of Country Garden at the Lake City was five-star homes.
Country Garden has been advocating the concept of a harmonious life and the lives of fraternal atmosphere of the neighborhood, focus on community cultural development, and focus on building community and cultural facilities. Autumn in October more friends arranged for the owners a variety of activities, such projects are being held, "the fairy tale home in my heart," the second child painting competition, and market beautiful, organized jointly Star gardeners and other activities are held in October in full swing . Sales center every weekend, attracted a large number of critically and participate in the activities of customers, great excitement.
Scenic hills, enrolled 800 high-rise in Chaohu Yanbohaomiao
800 years overlooking the beautiful lake, lush hill overlooking the four Cuise, the window can be seen in the breath can smell the fragrance of nature. From 89-129 square meters with a decorated units, in addition to North and South transparent, light are good, clear static and dynamic characteristics, each family is a unique landscape outside the window the most beautiful landscape, rivers and mountains of this nature, carved out of the picture Another looked every window are views can not be copied. High-level exposure above the 18th floor, overlooking the landscape, breathing world of the mind between the felt width, the average price of 3,500 yuan / square, equivalent to half the price of high-rise urban areas, but they can not copy out of print with landscape landscape resources.
Country Garden Receives Civil favorite brand of real estate classes
In 2010, "Civil favorite real estate class brand" survey, 43% of Country Garden to vote reelection in 2009, 2010, "Civil favorite real estate class brand" title. In the State Council Development Research Center of Enterprise Research Institute, Tsinghua University Real Estate Institute and the China Index Research Institute research organization composed of three "China Real Estate TOP10 Research Group" published "2010 Report of China Real Estate Brand Value", the Bi Woodcrest Hill and the unique advantages of its solid strength, the fourth highest brand value of real estate in southern China TOP10 top spot.

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