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CCTV " extremely beautiful " first focusing Anhui travels
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To reveal “ in the round south big Anhui, Anhui of ” of north of extensive mew lake, new Anhui travels 3 big board piece glamour, by the province the government is sponsorred, CCTV and the Anhui of “CCTV‘ extremely beautiful ’ that province tourism bureau undertakes jointly travel large show ” will be in Hefei city on September 30 the sports center is performed, represent 3 big travel respectively board piece ” of city of “ Huang Shan, Hefei, Bo will pass CCTV evening party to perform a “ jointly ” of 3 cities historical novel. This morning, province government held a press conference, introduced the relevant preparatory case of this show activity.
According to introducing, “ extremely beautiful ” is the large TV activity that CCTV economy channel gives priority to a problem with ” of image of “ city brand, will have the singer such as Tan Yonglin, Liu Reying, Fei Yuqing, Li Yu spring, Ma Tianyu at the appointed time first couplet sleeves visit cottage city. “ our column is not pure it is a show, still be an activity! ” on the press conference in the morning, “ extremely beautiful ” always directs Ni Bing to say, we will try “ to show 3 cities on an evening party first, because this program will distribute fluctuation part, broadcast the number also will increase, the time that predicts to there will be two weeks continuously this year in October is in CCTV 2, broadcast 4 sets everyday, show Anhui figure. ”
According to current plan, at the appointed time, the famous compere such as CCTV Zhou Tao, Fang Qiong will represent 3 cities respectively, the citizen of 3 cities also participates in organic meeting transcribe, as the cheering squad of respective city.

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