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Badge dish food festival
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“ will open red-letter day of travel of cate of dish of the 3rd badge in September banquet”
Annual badge dish food festival is coming. The reporter learned from bureau of city business affairs recently, the 3rd China (Hefei) section of travel of badge dish cate will be held on September 8 at will coming on September 5 this year certainly. Food festival of current badge dish is paid attention to promote badge dish culture, stimulative cate industry and accelerate travel development, advocate the assembly room is set in Anhui international exhibition center, branch field includes peace square is mixed street of yuan of one Chinese and Western two place.
Colorful exhibition is revealed still is “ grand opera”
The opening ceremony is held in Anhui international exhibition center, the exhibition of rich and colorful is revealed is ” of “ grand opera. Exhibit divisional exhibit an area to exhibit area and standard especially two parts, exhibit an area to include “ to walk into theme of badge dish ” to reveal especially, reveal badge dish history, culture and badge dish with the picture 5 old school and its characteristic dish; Meal boutique name tastes elegant demeanour to show picture and objective photograph couple, reveal the elegant demeanour of selected meal boutique and characteristic dish; Cooking contest exhibits organization of contest of skill of cooking of the 6th whole nation, individual and banquet take part in the match dish, still have travel tourist attraction, peasant family happy reveal, commercial meal real estate and cate block are revealed. In the meantime, begin meal enterprise to show a contest, voting photograph links grading of group of organizing committee expert and customer, review each award.
3 provinces delegate compares badge of Fujian another name for Jiangxi Province spell cooking skill
Innovation of badge food industry and development height forum are in on September 6 afternoon Hefei yuan one the hotel holds Hilton, the development strategy that expert of famous learned man, industry, enterprise represents brand of dish of new badge, do make industry of strong badge food greatly relevant measure undertakes discussing.
Contest of skill of cooking of the 6th whole nation (Anhui competion area) , contests of 2008 banquet of name of the Anhui province will come 7 days to be held in Anhui international exhibition center on September 5, hotel of 3 provinces wineshop and individual participate Fujian, Jiangxi, Anhui the match. Will come on September 4 on September 8, in peaceful square, yuan street of one Chinese and Western holds China gust fastfood exhibit, countrywide each district obtains the assemble “ China name is fastfood the high-quality goods gust of the title such as ” of ” , award of “ Jin Ding is fastfood, concentration is revealed, be on sale domestic and international of all kinds cate. Cate of Hefei characteristic farmhouse chooses an activity to will come to will be held on September 3 on September 2, in the characteristic earth dish that from Hefei city shop of food of earth of happy, countryside declares farmhouse of each county area, choose cate of 10 the most welcome, brand “ farmhouse that have distinguishing feature most ” , grant to give a shop sign.
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