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The assess of astral class restaurant
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J. Entrust do sth for sb service (golden key serves) . dining-room and bar (9)
A. Have old hall public house;
B. Have professional teahouse;
C. Have position reasonable, adornment the Western-style food hall with luxurious, decorous style, deserve to have special Western-style food kitchen;
D. Have except the dining-room of other foreign country beyond Western-style food hall, deserve to have special kitchen;
E. Have cake house;
F. Have gust dining room;
G. Have hold 200 people at least the shindig hall of formal dinner, deserve to have special banquet kitchen;
H. The dining room that has at least 10 different local color (except of size banqueting hall) ;
I. Have the dining room that 24h does business.
Establishment of business affairs and equipment (5)
A. Provide internet service, transmission speed is not less than 64kbit/s;
B. The telephone box that close (at least 2) ;
C. Negotiate room (hold 10 people at least) ;
D. Provide written translation, oral interpretation and full-time secretary service;
E. The library (have 1000 books at least) . conferences establishment (10)
A. Have the special auditoria that holds 200 people meeting at least, deserve to have cloakroom;
B. Deserve to have 2 little assembly room at least;
C. Simultaneous interpretation establishment (at least 4 kinds of languages) ;
D. Establishment of wanted on the telephone conference;
E. The spot inspects frequency hookup system;
F. Have reach disintegrator of computer measuring projector, common film measuring projector, epidiascope, videocorder, file for hack computer;
G. Have special duplicate room, provide enough copycat facility;
H. Modern electron pressworks reach bound device;
I. Have take a picture film is strong imprint room;
J. Have the exhibition office of at least 5000 square metre. communal reach healthy recreation establishment (42)
A. Hall of singing and dancing;
B. Card pulls OK hall or KTV house (at least 4) ;
C. Game unit room;
D. Chess card room;
E. Movie theater;
F. Fixed song and dance;
G. Muti_function hall, can offer the conference, buffet the service such as meeting, bender and hold song hall, ballroom concurrently;
H. Gym;
I. Massage room;
J. Sauna;
K. Turkish bath;
L. Surf bath;
M. Sun-room;
N. Indoor swimming-pool (surface area at least 40 square metre) ;
O. The swimming-pool outdoor (surface area at least 100 square metre) ;
P. Tennis court;
Q. Bowling room (at least 4) ;
R. Climb cliff exercise room;
S. Mural ball room;
T. Ping-pong room;
U. Muti_function integrated fitness massager;
V. Field of electronic imitate golf;
W. Golf exercise field;
X. Golf field (at least 9 holes) ;
Y. Cycle racing field;
Z. Park;
Aa. Turf;
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