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The assess of astral class restaurant
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D. Have right amount banquet cell or small banqueting hall. In can be being offerred, Western-style banquet serves;
E. Have the public house with enclosed independence;
F. The director of dining-room and bar, foreman and clerk can provide a service with fluent English.
6.3.8 kitchens
A. The place is logical;
B. Metope full tiling, with prevent slippery material to lay the ground completely, have condole tip;
C. Between cold food, the independence between noodle is detached, have enough air conditioning facility. Between cold food inside available gas disinfects establishment;
D. With the operation interval leaves between rough machining, the temperature between the operation is appropriate, air conditioning supply should compare guest room more enough;
E. Have enough refrigeratory;
F. Wash the position between the bowl reasonable;
G. Have place technically temporarily the establishment of rubbish maintains his to close;
H. Between kitchen and dining-room, have the single or double acting door of a sound insulation, heat insolation and the departure of pass in and out that separate odour function;
I. Adopt efficient pass the time in a leisurely way to kill the insect pest measure such as midge fly, cockroach.
6.3.9 public section
A. Offer carriage return line or parking lot;
B.3 layer (contain) the building of above has enough settle or live in a strange place to use elevator;
C. Have public telephone call, deploy local call book;
D. The men and women divides the communal toilet that set;
E. Have small market, sell the goods such as souvenir of viatic every day object, travel, handicraft;
F. Stamp of be commissioned to sell sth, era sends letter, baggage of long distance call of conduction cable, fax, duplicate, international, home is consigned, rinse film to wait;
G. Offer go to a doctor to go to the lavatory for the guest when necessary;
H. Have industrial siding of lash-up power supply and lash-up spotlight.
6.3.10 options look (in all 79, have 11 at least) guest room (10)
A. Bill can offer to wait through equipment of seeing and hearing inside guest room can inspect a gender to inquire a service, offer speech mailbox to serve;
B. Toilet has potable water system;
C. Shower of not less than guest room toilet of 50% and bath crock cent are set;
D. Not less than guest room toilet of 50% do wet area to part (those who have independence make up)
E. Cent sets all flatlet to be mixed for host call in the toilet that the guest uses;
F. Set business affairs floor, can deal with in floor register reach formalities leaving store, floor has the business affairs center that uses for the guest to reach rest place;
G. There is the facility that sends and receive fax or email inside the guest room of business affairs floor;
H. Offer for the guest free inside wireless paging serves;
I.24h is offerred wash clothes urgent service;  
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