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The assess of astral class restaurant
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D. Have toilet, of pump water commode, dresser (deploy face basin, toilet glass) , bath crock carries shower sprinkler head (have alone shower bath between can not carry shower sprinkler head) , deserve to have bath shade, clothesline. Adopt defend slippery measure effectively. Toilet uses more advanced housing materials to decorate the ground, metope, tonal and downy, purpose content illuminance is good. Have the good system that discharge wind or platoon wind implement, electrical outlet of 110/220V power source. 24h supplies cold hot water;
E. Have can call home and international long distance call directly. Service instruction of the stock other phone reachs local call book;
F. Have facility of colour television machine, sound, closed-circuit television acts sow a system. Broadcast channel not less than 16, have satellitic TV program among them or run a program oneself, stock channel indicates specification and card. Broadcast content to should accord with Chinese government regulation. Do a program to have 2 channel at least oneself, daily not less than broadcast 2 times, evening end broadcasts time not to antedate 0 when;
G. Those who have stock effect defend noise and sound insulation measure;
H. Have shade curtain;
I. Have odd world;
J. Have flatlet;
K. Have disabled guest room, the equipment inside this room can satisfy the general requirement of disabled life daily life;
L. Have the stationery articles for use that suits with appearance of stage of restaurant itself star. Restaurant serves regulations of guideline, price-list, accommodation, this city travel communication chart of tourist attraction introduction, this city travel, with live inn guest's corresponding the press;
M. Guest room, toilet is arranged 1 times in the round everyday, daily change sheet and pillowcase, stranger things and running stores complement are all ready;
N. Provide nocturnal bed service, lay good night card;
O.24h offers cold heat to drinking water reachs ice cube and offer tea or coffee freely;
P. There should be miniature public house commonly inside guest room (include small iced) , offer right amount drink, place spirited alcoholic drink in proper place, stock drinking appliance and winelist;
Q. The guest receives a visitor in the room, can answer the requirement is offerred add chair and tea service;
R. Offer wake a service up;
S. Offer leave a message service;
T. Offer garment dry-clean, wet wash and iron very hot service;
U. Have menu sending eat and beverage sheet, 18h offers breakfast of type of Chinese and Western or luncheonette sends eat the service, have the card sending eat outside can hanging buy door;
V. Provide the service that brush a shoe.

6.3.7 dining-room reach public house
A. Total eat digit and guest room recieve ability photograph to suit;
B. Have Chinese meal office. Dinner end guest orders dishes time does not antedate 21 when;
C. Have coffee office (hall of simple and easy Western-style food) , can offer self-help Western-style and breakfast, prandial. Coffee hall (or have feed office) not less than 16h have business hours clear business hours;
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