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The assess of astral class restaurant
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E. Have market, sell viatic every day object;
F. Stamp of be commissioned to sell sth, era sends letter;
G. Have lash-up spotlight.

6.3 SamSung class

6.3.1 restaurant distribution is equitable, the exterior has particular distinguishing feature.
Communal and domiciliary graph accords with LB/T001 inside 6.3.2 restaurant.
6.3.3 have air conditioning establishment, each area is drafty.
6.3.4 have the computer management system that suits with appearance of hotel star stage.
6.3.5 antechamber
A. Have with the antechamber that recieves ability photograph to suit. Decorate inside beautiful and chic. Have the total information desk that suits with appearance of stage of restaurant dimensions, star;
B. Total information desk has Chinese and English sign, cent section setting is recieved, ask, checkout, 24h has staff member on guard;
C. Offer leave a message service;
D. Offer checkout of one-time total bill to serve (commodity except) ;
E. Provide credit card service;
F.12h offers foreign currency to change a service;
G. Total information desk offers restaurant to serve project propaganda paterial, restaurant price-list, communication chart of Sino-British text city, countrywide travel communication chart, all sorts of this city and introduction of countrywide travel tourist attraction, vehicle schedule, with live the press that inn guest photograph gets used to;
H. Have book a system thoroughly, acceptability home and international guest room and domestic cafeteria are booked;
I. Have restaurant and guest at the same time the valuable of open is mixed safe. Safe position safety, concealment, can protect the guest's privacy;
J. Set the member that entrance guard should be received, 16h is greeted send a guest;
K. The member that set full-time baggage, have special luggage barrow, 18h provides baggage service for the guest. Small baggage is deposited place;
L. Set be on duty manager, 24h welcomes a visitor;
M. Set old hall director, 18h serves in antechamber;
N. The guest is set to rest in blame management area place;
O. Offer person service is sought inside inn;  
P. Offer era to the guest is booked and arrange cab to serve;
Q. Hallway and main and public section have disabled discrepancy ramp, deploy wheelchair. Have the disabled special toilet or lavatory, can provide special service for the disabled;
R. Can serve with English. All sorts of directives are used and the service is used at least with the character Chinese and English express at the same time;
S. Switchboard operator can use 2 kinds of foreign languages at least (English is necessary language) offer a phone to serve for the guest.
6.3.6 guest room
A. Have 40 at least (set) can offer hack guest room;
B. Room area is capacious;
C. Decorate good, beautiful, soft mat bed, dresser or desk, almirah reachs ark of clothes wearing, seat or simple and easy sofa, the head of a bed, berth lamp and rack to wait for furniture of form a complete set. Indoor full shop carpet, or the floor that it is wood. Indoor use area illume and purpose content illuminance is good;
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