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The assess of astral class restaurant
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6.2.5 guest room
A. Have 29 at least (set) can offer hack guest room;
B. Decorate good, have the furniture of form a complete set such as ark of soft mat bed, desk, chair, the head of a bed, illume is enough;
C. Have toilet, of basin of pump water commode, face, toilet glass, bath or bath crock, deserve to have bath sign. Adopt defend slippery measure effectively. 24h supplies cold water, 18h supplies hot water;
D. Wanted on the telephone, can call home and international long distance call through telephone exchange. Service instruction of the stock other phone;
E. Have colour television opportunity;
F. Have defend noise and sound insulation measure;
G. Have shade curtain;
H. Have the stationery articles for use that suits with appearance of stage of restaurant itself star. Restaurant serves regulations of guideline, price-list, accommodation, this city communication chart and introduction of travel tourist attraction;
I. Guest room, toilet is arranged 1 times in the round everyday, daily change sheet and pillowcase; J.24h provides cold hot drinking water.
K. Offer wash dress Wu commonly;
L. Should the guest asks to provide service sending eat.
6.2.6 dining-room reach public house
A. Total eat digit and guest room recieve ability photograph to suit;
B. Have Chinese meal office, can provide Chinese food. Dinner end guest orders dishes time does not antedate 20 when;
C. Have coffee office (hall of simple and easy Western-style food) , can offer Western-style breakfast. Coffee hall (or have feed office) business hours not
Have clear business hours less at 12h;
D. Have the establishment that can offer bar to serve;
E. Dining-room director, foreman can serve with English.
6.1.7 kitchens
A. The place is logical;
B. Metope full tiling, with prevent slippery material to lay the ground completely, have condole tip;
C. Between cold food, the independence between noodle is detached, have enough air conditioning facility. Between cold food inside available gas disinfects establishment;
D. With the operation interval leaves between rough machining, the temperature between the operation is appropriate, air conditioning supply should compare guest room more enough;
E. Have enough refrigeratory;
F. Wash the position between the bowl reasonable;
G. Have place technically temporarily the establishment of rubbish maintains his to close;
H. Between kitchen and dining-room, have the single or double acting door of a sound insulation, heat insolation and the departure of pass in and out that separate odour function;
I. Adopt efficient pass the time in a leisurely way to kill the insect pest measure such as midge fly, cockroach.
6.2.8 public section
A. Offer carriage return line or parking lot;
B.4 layer (contain) the building of above has a guest to use elevator;
C. Have public telephone call, deploy local call book;
D. The men and women divides the communal toilet that set;
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