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The assess of astral class restaurant
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G.16h provides cold hot drinking water.
6.1.6 dining-room
A. Total eat digit and guest recieve ability photograph to suit;
B. Have Chinese meal office;
C. Dining-room director, foreman can serve with English.
6.1.7 kitchens
A. The place is logical;
B. Metope ceramic tile is not low 2m, with prevent slippery material to lay the ground completely;
C. Between cold food, the independence between noodle is detached, have enough air conditioning facility. Between cold food inside available gas disinfects establishment;
D. With the operation interval leaves between rough machining, the temperature between the operation is appropriate;
E. Have enough refrigeratory;
F. Wash the position between the bowl reasonable;
G. Have place technically temporarily the establishment of rubbish maintains his to close;
H. Between kitchen and dining-room, have the single or double acting door of a sound insulation, heat insolation and the departure of pass in and out that separate odour function;
I. Adopt efficient pass the time in a leisurely way to kill the insect pest measure such as midge fly, cockroach.
6.1.8 public section
A. Have the public telephone call that can dial directly international home, deploy local call book;
B. The men and women divides the communal toilet that set;
C. Have lash-up spotlight.

Class of 6.2 2 stars
6.2.1 restaurant distribution is basic and equitable, convenient guest is in the normal activity inside restaurant.
Communal and domiciliary graph accords with LB/T001 inside 6.2.2 restaurant.
6.2.3 basises local climate, have facility of heating, refrigeration, each area is drafty. 6.2.4 antechamber
A. Have the antechamber that suits with appearance of stage of restaurant dimensions, star and total information desk;
B. Total information desk has sign of medium, English, 24h has staff member on guard, offer recieve, ask ask and checkout the service;
C. Offer leave a message service;
D. Time offer foreign currency to change a service;
E. Total information desk offers restaurant to serve introduction of tourist attraction of communication chart of price-list of project propaganda paterial, restaurant, city, this city travel,
All sorts of vehicle schedule, with live the press that guest guest photograph gets used to;
F. Can accept domestic guest room, meal to book;
G. Have the valuable safe that can offer open of guest proper motion;
H. Have the baggage go-cart that uses for the guest, provide baggage service when necessary. Small baggage deposits a service;
I. Set be on duty manager, 16h welcomes a visitor;
J. Set a guest to rest place;
K. Can provide a service with English. All sorts of directives are used and the service is used at least with the character Chinese and English express at the same time;
L. Switchboard operator can offer a phone to serve for the guest with English.
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