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The assess of astral class restaurant
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Of 4.2 stars class differentiate to reach level of management, service to be a basis with facilities of the building of restaurant, adornment, facilities, 5 standards such as the facilities facilities criterion for evaluation that specific assess measure issues according to national tourism bureau, maintenance criterion for evaluation of facilities facilities, clean wholesome criterion for evaluation, service quality criterion for evaluation, guest opinion criterion for evaluation are carried out.

5 safety, wholesome, environment and architectural ask
The building of restaurant of travel concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, accessary establishment and moving management should accord with the country with fire control, safe, wholesome, active environmental protection to concern code and standard.

6, astral class divides condition

Class of 6.1 one star
6.1.1 restaurant distribution is basic and equitable, convenient guest is in the normal activity inside restaurant.
Communal and domiciliary graph accords with LB/T001 inside 6.1.2 restaurant.
6.1.3 basises local climate, have facility of heating, refrigeration, each area is drafty.
6.1.4 antechamber
A. Have antechamber and total information desk;
B. Total information desk has sign of medium, English, 18h has staff member on guard, offer recieve, ask ask and checkout the service;
C. Offer leave a message service;
D. Time offer foreign currency to change a service;
E. Total information desk offers restaurant to serve all sorts of communication chart of price-list of project propaganda paterial, restaurant, city, vehicle schedule;
F. Valuable saves a service;
G. Have the baggage go-cart that uses for the guest, provide baggage service when necessary. Small baggage deposits a service;
H. Set be on duty manager, 16h welcomes a visitor;
I. Set a guest to rest place;
J. Can provide a service with English. All sorts of directives are used and the service is used at least with the character Chinese and English express at the same time.
6.1.5 guest room
A. Have 29 at least (set) can offer hack guest room;
B. Decorate good, have the furniture of form a complete set such as ark of soft mat bed, desk, chair, the head of a bed;
C. The guest room of at least 75% has toilet, of basin of pump water commode, face, bath or bath crock, deserve to have bath sign. The men and women that removed pattern sets without the floor of toilet in guest room is public toilet. Restaurant has the component of male and female that uses for the guest only to set communal shower room, deserve to have bath sign. Adopt defend slippery measure effectively. 24h supplies cold water, 16h supplies hot water;
D. Have shade curtain;
E. Restaurant of guest room stock serves regulations of guideline, price-list, accommodation;
F. Guest room, toilet is arranged 1 times in the round everyday, tertian change sheet and pillowcase;
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