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Bureau of tourism of the Anhui province forecasts plan of annual travel activity
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Bureau of tourism of the Anhui province forecasts plan of annual travel activity

On March 17 afternoon, bureau of tourism of the Anhui province holds news of activity of travel of complete 2008 province to be reported beforehand in big public house of Hefei Yin Ruilin reach working deploy meeting. The travel activity that plans to begin to annual undertakes be reportinged beforehand, seek opinion of the person that attend the meeting. Country of director of bureau of tourism of the Anhui province and bureau leader Shi Linhua, Chen Lei, Zhangxue is smooth, save chief of bureau of 17 city tourism completely, beauty spot of hill of yellow hill, column of 9 Mount Hua, day is in charge of appoint meeting controller, lake of overgrown with weeds chief of square especially happy world, controller of travel agent of Hefei city share attended the meeting. The conference is chaired by Shi Linhua deputy director general.
Old thunder deputy director general travels to saving annual completely mobile news undertook be reportinged beforehand, he says, the annual travel activity that everybody sees at present is overall plan, it is by country the director organizes overall situation to be in above cadre collective to discuss for many times personally, for many times related to each the branch undertakes communication with harmonious achievement, can say, this plan, condensed painstaking effort, included expect, undertake this be reportinged beforehand, want to hear everybody's opinion namely, the support that hopes to get authority namely and cooperate, had run the activity jointly.
According to introducing, 2008, the overall job frame that Anhui travel activity will have window, Zhou Zhou to originality, month in and month out has activity, Ji Ji to have climax ” every day around “ will seek piece, make an appointment with “ ” gives priority to line and originality fulcrum, make an appointment with “ Anhui, harmonious travel ” gives priority to a problem, the scene with Anhui beauty and Anhui travel person's genuine heart hand in hand outside the course of study inside course of study, in all colour of profusion of draw Anhui travel. The major activity that annual plans to roll out has:
—— Ji Jigao is wet piece. Make an appointment with what differ theme, accomplish Ji Ji to have mobile climax, it is respectively: Make an appointment hand in hand: Souvenir of first China travel (formal things) originality congress and exposition of high-quality goods of 2008 China handicraft; Bend city makes an appointment: Plan to roll out evening party of theme of CCTV Anhui travel; Beauty makes an appointment: The plan begins travel young lady to choose an activity; Light affection to make an appointment: Section of travel of the 2nd Anhui
Activity of —— month in and month out piece. Province tourism bureau everywhere function of room union oneself and working arrangement, take the lead roll out series activity. Annual 12 months, accomplish month in and month out to have an activity.
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