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Anhui travels incident of 10 1 of 10 big news
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2007, new Anhui north board piece in enter a country swim the market and home swim the market obtains a breakthrough, recieve enter a country tourist number 18.63 million person-time of thirty-seven thousand one hundred person-time and domestic tourist number, amplitude all is complete province highest, it is respectively 38.83% with 30.03% , travel gross earnings achieves 8.6 billion yuan, grow 37.5 % compared to the same period, take complete province specified amount 15.09% .

10 1, " travel development strategy is advanced quickly " one of 10 big news that daily of successful and selected Anhui chooses.
On January 9, anhui daily was announced 2007 Anhui 10 big news, in the numerous achievement of again and again of 7 years of great achievements, mirror what Anhui travel job developed fruit 2007 " travel development strategy is advanced quickly " be elected successfully, make year one of 10 big news.
By the “ Anhui that Anhui daily rolls out ” of 10 big news chooses an activity, be in from December 23, 2007 in how online after announcing, get the enthusiastic support of broad netizen is mixed saving inside and outside take an active part in. Broad netizen carries a network the short message is voting, voting harmonic dispatch is voting wait for means, for oneself the “ news ” in memory sent genuine one bill. Choose on the net come to ended on January 8, 2008, last a period of time 17 days, share 20 much netizens to land participate in. Anhui daily union collects the voting result that compiles the respect such as the branch, in what choose 2007 event of 23 fundamental news, arose 2007 “ Anhui ” of 10 big news.

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