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Anhui travels incident of 10 1 of 10 big news
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On November 17 afternoon 2 when 30 minutes, ——“ welcomes one of significant activities of section of first Anhui travel festooned vehicle of driven astral ” travel is big make one's rounds swims in Hefei to be started formally. Extensive of 10 imposing manner grand travel festooned vehicle, the travel sightseeing car of 10 different types, the advancing performance team with 6 individual amorous feelings flows dripping the ancient culture of chiliad, building festival beautiful beautiful travel scenery line. Sun Jinlong of secretary of municipal Party committee of members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, Hefei, vice-governor Wen Haiying, liu recover presses vice-chairman of province the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference noisy jointly You Qi of festooned vehicle big round of drinks moves gun salute.
That day, hefei city the whole town turns out, assemble of poll of both sides of birthday spring road is moved, if the sea of faces is wet, about 500 thousand person watched festooned vehicle big round of drinks to swim, people is taking mobile phone, camera, camera in succession, clustering round festooned vehicle takes a picture souvenir, leave that wonderful instant, those who reveal good to the United States life is yearning.

8, project construction like a raging fire is in build investment double innovation is tall.
2007, save travel industry to plan around promotion “861” completely, firm catchs the capital attraction of travel project and development construction strength. Investment dimensions expands further, investment structure is optimized further, effectively promoted what save travel economy completely to accelerate development. According to statistic, complete 2007 province is in build travel project 685, total investment amounts to eighty-four billion eight hundred and sixty-one million yuan, it is “ during 15 ” fivefold, at present already accumulative total completes investment nineteen billion eight hundred and seventy-five million yuan. In project of 100 million yuan of above in building a project 153, investment amounts to seventy-three billion and thirty-eight million yuan.
In building a project, tourism infrastructure kind 117, hold tourist attraction of area of 17%; travel scene kind have 219, take 32%; hotel restaurant kind 116, occupy 17%; to travel integrated etc kind 233, occupy 34% . Among them, —— of first phase of city of Hua Jiang travel horizontal stroke of square especially happy world is born for nothing, the ” of project of travel “ moon that becomes me to save, also be Huadong park of exclusive, China's only theme of the 4th acting high-tech. In addition, the large travel such as cableway of cereal of yellow hill cloud recieves establishment of form a complete set to be thrown early or late use, sweet spring, soup spring, Ping Tianhu one batch is had the hot spring that affects a gender, recreational go vacationing the project builds or partial building does business, ground of 9 Mount Hua hides Wang Datong to resemble those who wait for project of mark sex landscape be being advanced quickly, optimize to what I save travel product structure, the promotion that travel recieves level all has stronger real significance and long-term beneficial result.
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