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Anhui travels incident of 10 1 of 10 big news
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Section of first Anhui travel and 2007 China (Anhui) Fair of travel of middle east ministry pulls open heavy curtain from September, last a period of time 3 months (passion in September, enchanted in October, profusion in November) , distinguish 8 themes week, set 40 content, the lofty aspirations and great ideals of the landscape that revealed Anhui beauty in the round, bright culture and Anhui travel person, can calls Anhui regale of travel.

6, Chinese “ Disney lake of ” overgrown with weeds start business of square especially happy world.
Our country is current the thematic park with the largest scale, also be our country at the same time of the cut into a mountain of park of the 4th acting theme make —— square especially happy world builds in lake of overgrown with weeds try line of business, fill a blank that Anhui travels, brigade tourist calls the “ that is China Disney ” .
Lake of overgrown with weeds square especially happy world invests build by Shenzhen China powerful group, total investment exceeds 1.5 billion yuan of RMBs, it is one is a foundation with contemporary high-tech technology, collect recreation, science and education at a suit, the vogue that is a variety of theme be in harmony an organic whole moves feeling park, design year welcome a visitor 3 million person-time, it is the one part of city of travel of Hua Jiang of lake of overgrown with weeds. Square especially happy world also is the thematic park with the at present largest area of the monomer on the world, its gross area makes an appointment with 1.25 million square metre, contain land and water 2 parts. Lake of overgrown with weeds square especially happy world's greatest characteristic is: Design the new-style theme park with construction completely by him Chinese, own completely own intellectual property. Be called to be the park of the 4th acting theme of our country.

7, scale of activity of sale of large travel of ” of “ myriad a hundred or so is unprecedented big round of drinks of travel festooned vehicle swims the whole town turns out.
On September 29 morning at 8 o'clock, section of first Anhui travel leaves piece make, add up to cupreous yellow high speed to open sale of large travel of ” of “ myriad a hundred or so mobile head swims type is started. Zhao Peigen of vice-chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of Wen Haiying of vice-governor of government of Zhu Weifang of vice director of province National People's Congress, province, province is attended, deputy secretary-general of province government Han Jun was chaired head swim type. 158 travel bus, 350 drive travelling block oneself set out in order, 1000 cars millions of people sets foot on Huang Gao adding up to copper fast highway. Be as long as the motorcade of 200KM, beautiful if a megalosaurus is winding,be between green hill green water, vast and mighty, weiwei is grand.
Add up to cupreous yellow high-speed to debut, make my province travel mid board piece become an organic whole repeatedly with north and south, from spatio-temporal on pull close the distance that I save north and south to travel, farther compose built me to save travel the new structure that mid and protuberant, north and south develops simultaneously. This the activity is an assemble more the guest that comes from the different citizenship such as north of Korea, Dalian, Lu Na, North Jiangsu, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Anhui, different province.
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