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Anhui travels incident of 10 1 of 10 big news
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Anhui travels incident of 10 1 of 10 big news

In the past 2007, it is Anhui travel development rough every, a year when have mark sense, check Anhui travelled 2007 industry great event, happy event, having too much surprise really. The success that saves travel to develop congress completely is held, government of provincial Party committee, province " the opinion that saves construction greatly about pushing travel industry " come on stage formally, frequency of news of victory of 6 projects ” passes “ , “ 6 act ” is solid advance, ” of 6 big activities lifts “ climax, anhui travel consequence expands further, the market develops implementation to span newly. Annual is recieved enter a country the tourist is broken through first one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight close greatly, achieve one million and sixty-four thousand three hundred person-time, annual travel recieves total number to be seventy-nine million five hundred and fifty-three thousand eight hundred person-time, travel gross earnings breaks through 50 billion yuan first, achieve fifty-seven billion five hundred and ninety-nine million yuan. The proportion that travel gross earnings is equivalent to GDP is amounted to 7.8% , be close to “ 915 ” end achieves the goal of 8% . The Anhui tourism of flying development, in society of stimulative Anhui economy the respect such as construction of development, harmonious society produced main effect.
During the Spring Festival, go up in network of Anhui travel information undertook Anhui travels of event of 10 big news choose, of the public figure of social all circles that got travel develops caring supportive Anhui and broad netizen take an active part in choose. We roll out event of news of Anhui travel 10 1 ceremoniously today.
Look into those who be full of a hope 2008, our complacent, confidence hundredfold. 2008 is the first year of the seventeen great mind that carries out a party in the round, it is to carry out “ with all one's strength program of development of 915 ” travel, do all one can advances Anhui travel industry to save the key of construction one year greatly. Face the whole nation to travel 1000 sail are sent unexpectedly, 100 barge contend for drifting development posture, cadre of industry of complete province travel and worker will continue to maintain and carry on carry of strenuous promising, try to be the first surely, beg do poineering work true deal with concrete matters relating to work, difficultly, the development innovation, good way that is brave in to go all out in work, grab seize opportunity, do all one can rises abruptly, save greatly by travel resource to realize Anhui at an early date what save construction greatly to travel industry is historic span and go all out in work hard! The new page that for compose Anhui travel grows makes larger contribution!

1, I save travel job to bring into province government to work to the year of each city the target examines a system.
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