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Meal manages changing big trend
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The consumptive period of time of meal product produces change

Food regards people as a component of daily life, have certain daily consumption sex. As the change that people food is used to, the disappear take time of meal product also produces change subsequently. People sought a day of 3 food in the past, make meal product presents a sex of period of time on be related fact. Modern job is busy, mealtime is not stable, add the advocacy of contemporary dietetics, make the consumptive period of time of meal product becomes ambiguous. People does not ask 3 eat are indispensable one day, but do not consider too hungry him move again, hungry always want to search a snacks, fastfood. To get used to this one demand, 24 hours of all sorts of business snack inn, small feed inn subsequently emerge in large numbers; And building of a few big tea, feed four to also roll out afternoon tea and service of food taken late at night in succession. This kind is supplied at any time, the advantage that does not divide period of time and quick becoming a kind of fashion.
Meal product crosses the country, emerge in large numbers that crosses district to manage
Because meal product is terrain feature, angry the influence of the element such as habit of Hou environment, custom, the difference of the different level that can appear in customarily of method of raw material, taste, cook, food. Because,be these difference, meal product had intense district sex. And the existence of district difference, cause the psychology seeking other with violent people again, be willing to try different gust. Cross district to manage the heat that is future so, it can make be drawn lessons from each other between the gust food that provides distinguishing feature each, learn from others's strong points to offset one's weakness. In the meantime, district sex characteristic is progressively desalt, this is helpful for the communication of dietary culture and innovation. And economic development, also create the flow of population on due process, make the dish type of different gust is able to mix in different ground popularity rich. What communicate as a result of international is frequent, the international guest of cafeteria is increasing, the provision that the nation changes is more and more welcome also. Some closer year, appear Korea dining-room, Japan dining-room, Thailand dining-room and Vietnam dining-room in succession in our country like emerge, reflected the trend of meal internationalization.

Meal says to taste the confluence with culture
Meal product besides having district difference, different area place shows the difference on the meal culture that come to also make meal product has bright cultural feature. Chinese food culture and cooking culture broad and profound, history is long, include harbor, bay = stage inside, china has 34 municipalities that visit town, each area has the people in belonging to him process to seek “ color, sweet, flavour, form, implement, quality of a material, sound, lukewarm, nutrition, wholesome ” while, those who advocate means of culture and food, food, food is used to is shirt-sleeve. The thematic dining-room that appears a few this years is more develop this concept to acme, no matter be the design of dining-room layout of decoration, function, decorate adornment style, it is the characteristic dish department that its run even, reflect a certain culture theme and intention, make the cultivation of meal product got the oldest rate show. Captured culture this sells a site, will make meal product has infinite vitality.
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