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CCTV " focal interview " broadcast Chinese boil assist the Olympic Games recomme
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Late on October 4, CCTV program of interview of focus of a program is a problem than spelling ” greatly with “ cate, broadcast the Olympic Games that Chinese cooking association holds during food festival of the 2nd China International recommends dish to taste show an activity, special subject program amounts to 12 minutes, introduced Chinese cooking association to organize public figure of group of countrywide meal, cooking to be a service meal of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the vigorous effort that reveal place of China food culture to make, mirrorred countrywide meal course of study to be opposite of Beijing Olympic Games take an active part in spirit and introduce an Olympic Games to go all out in work the eager will that spirit promotes him, also communicated at the same time make the knowledge that large activity meal serves multilateral border sex. Broadcast focal interview contributive makings emersion to be as follows now: message (focal interview) : 2008 Beijing Olympic Games the preparatory job of each respects insecurity undertakes, during National Day, " focal interview " with 5 period program, pass reporter experience, to audience introduction concerned place construction, opening ceremony lets his thought flow freely, choose of Olympic Games cox, cate is collected, the circumstance of the respect such as traffic administration. Today's program basically introduces cate to collect.
On Olympic Games competition ground, each country athlete is compared those who go all out is actual strength, it is speed, on competition ground of Olympic Games cate, chef people than what go all out it is flavour and nutrition. Press a convention, national capital is held to want to make corresponding menu during the match, provide meal service. All previous Olympic Games takes meal seriously quite, chinese nature is not exceptional also. Recently, chinese cooking association recommended 80 to already sterling Western-style food has the dish of China cate to taste again to BOCOG, the chef of countrywide each district in succession show one's skill, include expert of Tang Gonggong of Olympic Games champion, nutrition inside all circles personage participated in comment on.
These 80 dish are tasted is from what choose comes out among 1200 many breed, their all accords with the requirement of 6 respects: Quality is good, convenient operation, appetitive, nutrition, wholesome, safe; The full marks of comment on is 100 minutes, the highest component that at present the expert makes is 97 minutes. Make big food of good Olympic Games, it is a challenge to all chef, because they must use commonner raw material, inside the shortest time, make nutrition tie-in and reasonable and accord with athlete taste, safe healthful cate, not be ace is accomplished very hard.
The reporter sees in judge scene, "5 be surrounded by mountains of multicoloured face " , " are cold spelling the cate such as " is the new breed that develops for the Olympic Games only. Masters are in when making besides the consideration nutrition, delicate beyond, still very the dietary tradition that respects each country people and consuetudinary. Reveal China cate already, at the same time of food of give attention to two or morethings internationally.
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