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Hotel Fire & Rescue fire fighting fitting
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At 4:30 Xu, Guizhou Road, Heping District, renovation of the Reliance Hotel 4th floor suddenly Alex dense smoke, firefighters arrived, they found some sponge was ignited smoke, then to fight the blaze, 5 pm cleared the scene, no casualties. Reporters on the scene learned that the time of the incident is internal decoration of the hotel, the original 4 layer is a layer of karaoke bars, in the renovated removed some noise when using the sponge. It is these sponges are produced bursts of smoke after ignition. According to those present memories, 4 layer short circuit had taken place the fire was estimated to be short circuit ignited the accumulation of sponge. The fire burned area about 10 square meters, firefighters evacuated the building after the incident in more than 20 personnel and to fight the blaze, 5 pm to the scene cleared, the fire is set for further investigation.
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