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The hotel grooms case
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The function of hotel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals gradually hasten is all ready, of travel guest eat, live, travel, shop, the satisfaction that the activity such as recreation can have achieved very old rate in the hotel. Build hotel and the old public house that transform newlier to regard one of main items as to catch bazaar construction commonly of late, the business of bazaar already had proper place in whole public house.

The bazaar in this exemple, losing a few as a result of the goods that cannot supply guest place to need may be very considerable life and vitality. Hotel market sells the issue of what “ here. The key that solves this problem is put oneself footing to guest beyond.

Bazaar is decorated luxuriously elegance is some more complete, this is hotel development is inevitable, it is the demand of travel guest. Merchandise of brand of one part world or domestic each district are supplied inside bazaar name spy product also is should, but never do thousand person one side. It is current that commodity does not have characteristic the common fault of hotel market. The guest reachs one point, chang Youshun buys the desire of some of place special local product. Although that bazaar in this exemple serves a job to be done very meticulously, the manner is active and enthusiastic, but create service quality problem because of the shopping requirement that cannot satisfy a guest after all. Accordingly, what hotel market is rising service quality and skill skill is commensurate, still must have market research, set characteristic commodity ark only, let a guest buy satisfactory goods.

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