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The hotel grooms case
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“ a word makes the person laughs, a word makes the person jumps ” . This shows the value of language art. Regard the service of a gleam of as personnel, research language art is attached most importance to especially should. The Xiaogao of the member that receive silver downstage in this exemple, it is under a public occasion, ask a guest: Do you see “ the big bath towel that there is a room? This plants ” blunt inquiry means, make the guest is immersed in awkward condition, cause guest dissatisfaction. When the clerk asks a guest, must use courteous language, euphemistic means, in order to achieve both neither blame guest, can solve a problem again purpose, make guest, hotel finally satisfactory.

Apology of a few track a few be short of regret

China in area in a of big city some medium-sized guesthouse, occupy an ability the tourism group of 20 bearer. They come from South America, the member is retired blue collar estate.

After they visit a few famous tourist attractions by day, returning guesthouse already was not midday at 5 o'clock about, the respective freshen up that enter a room, because leave dinner to still have half hour, then accompany arrives together bazaar.

The area of hotel market is not large, but decorate very luxurious, have European color quite. Type of merchandise is not little, and having elegant outer packing mostly. Each bar browses South-American guest in the past, stand in 4 clerks inside bar, from them this judgement gives fast and mobile pace: They did not discover buyable commodity.

The guest took market very quickly, when going at the door disgruntled face, a clerk with bright enunciation enquires with English whether the guest needs to help. The postcard that wife of a fattish says to they want to take name of a few concerned place to get the better of goes back, but walked along bazaar to was not found however.

“ very I am sorry, ” clerk tells a visitor straight-outly, sell without postcard in “ bazaar. ”

Another hair already the grey, guest that has gent demeanor quite tells a clerk, he wants to buy a few toys that have full-bodied place distinguishing feature to send grandchildren, granddaughter. The expression of a pair of have no alternative is after the clerk listens: “ is very feel sorry, the toy that our bazaar basically sells south produces, still have the dynamoelectric toy …… that a few Hong Kong produce”

“ hears of here woodcarving craft level is very high, but I was not found in bazaar, it is ……” this is the question that madam of a tall man raises.

“ Is am sorry, the wax printing service of the embroidery that our handicraft bar supplies canvas, traditional Chinese painting and Suzhou, mud baby that does not have stannum, Guizhou. ” clerk feels blast blast compunctious.

What South-American guest cherishs bellyful is helpless, left market.
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