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The hotel grooms case
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The guest between speech and Xiaozhang had taken total stand, xiaozhang is recieved from total stage over there understanding is in to the guest checkout, xiaogao of the member that receive silver right now receives service center phone to say, two bath towel inside 501 rooms disappeared. Xiaogao sees the guest walks over to ask from bazaar: Mr “ , do you see two inside 501 rooms big bath towel? Area of ” guest area is vinegary loudly respecting: You do not have “ Xin day to match to me at all in the evening, I had not complained you, I came back late yesterday, the job that has not sought you. ” Xiaogao says to mike: “ guest says to did not match yesterday, check again. Small Xu of ” service center is in the phone: “ may not match, let guest foregone. ” meanwhile, pieces market department is small say to the guest: “ total stage can occupy bill with leaving for you, whether do you still need smoke? ” guest looks act out of normal behaviour, extremely grouchy and took out 100 yuan helplessly to give Xiaozhang, xiaozhang searchs very quickly for the guest 0 take smoke, gave total station consumptive small bill, so that invoice.

All these is looked to be in the eye by the qualitative personnel that earth up a ministry, to 5 buildings the service center understands 501 situations, service center small Xu says: “ had yesterday towel did not match in a room, big bath towel cannot be found in 501 rooms, I think the likelihood is to did not match. ” at this moment, service center foreman says: “501 room silents the guest lived several days, look up room condition and article to provide circumstance record. ” passes check, 501 rooms guest from 13 enter 18 to return a house in the morning, inside these 5 days, have the record that provides big bath towel everyday, service center foreman calls again to clean clerk, the result is big bath towel matched. Qualitative check personnel says to be checked to the room again, 501 rooms are absent besides big bath towel, all article are deployed all ready, because this concludes, it is the guest took away big bath towel, service center staff calls to total stage, xiaogao of the member that receive silver informs a guest to had left.

Clerk job is unwary, caused a loss to the hotel.

Comment on:

In this example, the guest's legerdemain does not have the place with outstanding what, just played a petty trick, although was seen by pieces market department is small, but be in however pass a barrier of total stage deceive or mislead people.

Pieces of market department staff is small manner that be used to with the profession and is in charge of seriously, make the guest's intrigue does not have final have one's way; In the meantime, hold the guest's mentality, in decent service facilitating guest is consumed finally, prevented a guest to escape not only account, and maintained hotel interest. Small Xu of employee of guest room department is neglectful, checking seriously original record, below the case that leads without ask for instructions, do not be in charge of what the ground answered total stage asking ask, make two big bath towel are stolen, caused a loss to the hotel. Two kinds of different operating conditions are spent, brought about two kinds of different outcomes, what is what is not entirely different.
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