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The hotel grooms case
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The hotel grooms case-----The hotel serves case series
---“ does not know without ” and “”
A day, mr Zhang checks staff of agency of group of some meeting Wu of assembly room arrange a condition. Assembly room is original seat 46, and conference number is 60 people, mr Zhang discovers assembly room increased a chair, did not add tea table however, but the clerk explains: It is assembly room too small, tea table is afraid do not put falling is to do not have so tea table. Mr Zhang finds after the event manager of guest room department just solved tea table problem. Mr Zhang arranges the recreational activities of representing, enquire clerk small Zhao to floor: How does beauty spot of stone person hill walk along “ excuse me? “ Xiaozhao is held in the arms

Apology ground laughs say: “ Is am sorry, , gentleman, I do not know. Ground of feel disappointed of Mr ” Mr Zhang shakes his head.

Comment on:

The clerk is right of the guest ask ask is due ask to have surely answer, cannot say “ does not know absolutely, do not understand, won't, be no good, without ” . If oneself do not know really, the visitor tells again after also wanting to be cleared up as far as possible.

Put forward to add tea table in Mr Zhang when the clerk when, ought to reply instantly: “ is good, I think method is solved to you certainly. ” if looks for less than reserving tea table, also can mirror to foreman or sectional manager, wait for divert is in of short duration from other assembly room a few. Once waited for a guest to carry opinion hind to solve a problem again, active service change became passive service, the guest is won't satisfactory. Additional, xiaozhao is below the condition that does not know how beauty spot of stone person hill goes, should ask Mr Zhang to be awaited a bit in the room, after waiting for the person that the inquiry knows, accuse instantly, say feel sorrily: “ Is am sorry, gentleman, let your kick one's heels. ” in that way, mr Zhang won't be answered do not know ” for clerk “ and blame. Contrary, he can be served enthusiasticly by its be touched.

Annulus photograph buckles annulus to just protect no risk at all

A day of dusk autumn morning, total station staff is same as usual, undertaking the class works having sex.

8:20, a middleaged man goes total stage to say to serving personnel: Miss “ , I should return a house. ” is saying to put the key to total stage. Immediately of the member that total stage receives silver affirms a room, the phone informs a service center of make the rounds of the wards, handle consumptive bill of the guest. But the guest did not stop in total stage and move toward bazaar directly, pieces of market department clerk is young face takes a smile to ask a guest: Mr “ , what do you need? ” guest says: “ wants cigarette of ’ of mango of gold of two packet ‘ . ” Xiaozhang says to the guest: “ trouble asks, do you live in sea day? ” guest says: Yes, be in 501 rooms, can register debt! The Xiaozhang with attentive “ just sees the guest puts the key in total stage, do not know a guest to whether want to return a house, if be to return a house, the guest has escape the likelihood of account. Professional habit and strong sense of responsibility make Xiaozhang says to the guest: Mr “ , you wait a bit, my Fa total stage asks you whether register debt. ” is saying to move toward total stage, the guest asks agog: “ whether invoice? ” Xiaozhang says: “ market cannot open, but I can be your invoice in total stage. ” guest says: “ calculated then. ”
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