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Of hotel staff " 8 kinds of state of mind "
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The manner is a kind of driving force that a person handles a thing, different attitude produces the decision distinct drive effect. Good mood comes into being good driving force, be destined to be able to get good result, and bad mood also can come into being bad driving force, be destined to be able to get bad result. In the meantime, treating aught is not a kind of simple attitude, however of all sorts of different state of mind integrated. Regard an enterprise as giant employee rank, some of what kind of state of mind do they have again? Through routine and attentive observation my summary gave the following “8 to plant ” of state of mind.
1, active and active state of mind
Above all we need to have active and active state of mind. Active state of mind is to good, correct respect dilate leaves come, at the same time throw for a short while go in. Active state of mind is “ is telling you without the person and you are doing appropriate its ” . Our career, our enterprise has a lot of good sides for certain, also have some of not quite good place, we are treated with respect to need with active state of mind. God does not arrange the destiny, we are striven for actively. In the enterprise, the thing that has a lot of perhaps arranges you to do without the person, if you go,active action rises, you not only exercised oneself, also be oneself at the same time in the future job accumulated force and experience. What I manage is current the current situation is not however such, however “ issue does not close to be hanged oneself, high, say be worldly wise and make oneself safe, less to be beautiful ” ; “ its do not seek its job, 3 days fish, this plants two days of ” that bask in a net inactive, the working style of dawdle returns somebody to be in. Competing unusually intense today, passivity can take a beating, can hold the dominant position of half pace actively.
I think active it is to increase a chance to oneself, increase the chance that exercises oneself, increase the chance that realizes him value. Society, enterprise can offer stage property to our everybody only, and arena him need is built, the show needs him rehearse, can show the program with wonderful what, what kind of viewing rate power to make decisions is in ourselves.
2, double winning state of mind
The its somebody of decapitate works, but nobody does the business of lose money in business, this is commercial regulation. We must stand in double the place to go on winning state of mind manages between we and enterprise, between enterprise and businessman, the relation between enterprise and consumer. The interest that we cannot go to attaint enterprise for the interest of oneself. Without “ enterprise this everybody which have ” small ” of “ ourselves? The enterprise is center of a profit above all, the enterprise did not have an interest, we also do not have an interest for certain. Same, we also cannot destroy enterprise and businessman between double win regulation, wanted some one party to lose an interest only, sure can abandon such collaboration. Consumer satisfies his requirement, and the enterprise realizes his product value, this also is likewise double win, the interest of any one party is damaged our metropolis will pay price for its.
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