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The hotel serves consciousness to groom
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(5) look contact: The eye is interior window. When your look and guest meet by chance, not evasive, also staring at a guest to death, want to pass the sincerity that proper contact demonstrates to you serve to the guest. When the guest speaks with service personnel, the clerk should suspend the work in the hand, the eye looks at a guest, give instantly response.
(6) situation of station standing position: Hotel requirement is uniform stand service, standing pose can mirror instead is slashing to the guest, cheesed, dim, still be all sorts of care, different attitudes such as dedicated, welcome, answer to always retain power of good station standing position, if need and sitting because of the job, see the guest should stand up instantly, avoid is carried on the back to the guest, avoid both hands is inserted inside pocket or pants bag. Avoid lean door, wall, or the desk and chair.
(7) listen respectfully: Listen with telling is us a respect that in serving to the guest, communicates with the guest, notice listen respectfully can show the respect to the guest, conduce to us understanding a guest more at the same time, serve better, the attention does not break guest talk casually.
(8) friendship: The hotel is the domestic ” outside Home “ of the guest, employee is the host of the hotel, if master expression is frosty, what meaning does guest be a guest still have? Of course, good client concerns, either exorbitant is affectionate, not be personal relationship is mixed more intimate. [Page]
(9) want to customer service Wu consistent, take the acceptance to the client seriously, not only should say well, and should do well, the action surpasses thousands of words.
(10) to the guest treat equally without discrimination, do not wait with garment act the role ofing, color of skin, citizenship take a person, equality is treated.

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