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The hotel serves consciousness to groom
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(4) meticulous and considerate. Should be good at observation and the psychological characteristic that analyse a guest namely, understand the need that discovers a visitor from the guest's expression, bearing, grasp the opportunity of the service correctly, before the service starts to talk at the guest, the effect exceeds over the client's expectation, servive routine of do one's best is perfect and appropriate, show consideration for in a subtle way, reach every aspect of a matter.
(5) civilized courtesy. Want to have higher culture culture namely, language health, style of conversation is cultured, clothes and hat is neat, bearing is dignified, the ways one gets along with others is neither haughty nor humble, belief of the custom habit that respects different country, different people, religion and abstain from, at every turn notices to show good mental scene everywhere.
(6) put an end to in servive routine plead, deal with, perfunctory, prevaricate, cheesed, chill, contemptuous, proud, indifferent manner.
3, substantial service knowledge
The hotel serves knowledge to involve a lot of aspects. The foundation with collective service department serves knowledge to have a few kinds as follows roughly: (1) language knowledge. (2) gregarious knowledge. (3) travel knowledge. (4) legal knowledge. (5) psychological knowledge. (6) service technology knowledge (7) commercial knowledge (8) folklore knowledge (9) management manages knowledge (10) life common sense
Besides, employee still must be familiar with the fundamental condition of the hotel, specific content is as follows:
(1) the administration that must be familiar with a hotel subject, development brief history, class of main memorabilia, star reachs present management characteristic.
(2) the station name that must be familiar with a few near the hotel main stations, have what car course, basically lead to the where inside city, pass what main place. The hotel is apart from the distance of railway station, airport, dock and traffic method.
(3) must be familiar with what the place does business each inside the hotel to distributing reach main function
(4) the state that establishment must serve inside familiar hotel, serve the characteristic of the project, the position of business place, business hours and connection phone.
(5) the full name that must be familiar with hotel general manager, vise general manager and administrator of other high level. [Page]
(6) must be familiar with a hotel position of full name of limits of the main function of departmental door, work, manager, office, phone, have the main job of branch of what main subordinate and each subordinate branch.
(7) guiding principle of the business concept that must be familiar with a hotel, quality, understand its implication.
(8) badge of the store division that must be familiar with a hotel, inn.
(9) the concerned provision that must understand this post to work, standard, requirement. The tool that uses to place, machinery should accomplish “ 3 know ” , “ 3 meetings ” : Know namely principle, intellectual can, tell utility, can use, can simple maintenance, meeting daily attention. To use of all kinds things, raw material wanting in the job, want to be familiar with its function, norms, utility and use note.
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