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Hotel meal grooms
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4. Want to had developed the habit that makes a record. The guest's phone is booked, complain; The thing that boss phone tells wants to be recorded one by one, report at any time, have sex.
5. Want to remember the voice of frequent visitor and boss. Such guests and boss are met very be at ease let you communicate, fulfil!
6. Talking mood wants gentle, answer sound wants kind. People won't forget a TV series " public relations young lady " in ever appeared for many times the camera lens that Zhou Ying of public relations manager picks up the telephone, very kind sound always is after she takes a telephone call say: “ hello, I am ” of Zhou Ying of public relations ministry this kind is kind, lively sound makes the other side feels comfortable, satisfactory
If be new,open business hotel, groom man-hour of the member that enter newly is the most important a link
Let its understand the management project of this hotel and all work environment and establishment namely
Industry of pure meal will tell, understand of all kinds dish to taste in the round manufacture the taste, method that make and raw material characteristic, price is mainer still.
Serve personnel otherwise an explanation is undeserved, cause a client the most easily to complain

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