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17. Towel is heated up on the clique and checkout. When giving a guest checkout, need to use clip receiving silver, open clip receiving silver in the guest's right say: Mr “** / young lady, thank (how many) money. ” guest has been received search 0 hind, want to say a thank likewise. Pull chair to see a visitor out, say “ wait a minute, welcome next time presence ” see a visitor out language.
18. The examination works. After the guest goes, whether does seasonable examination have Shang Ran's butt, whether to have the article of bequeath; If send the butt of existing Shang Ran to answer to do it in time,destroy; If discover the article of guest bequeath, answer to call a director processing immediately.
19. Close remove dinner service. Arrange good desk chair above all, in order to maintain the one's style of work as well as one's moral quality of dining-room, receive napkin first, xi Jin, water cup collects after, goblet, porcelain is provided.
20. Clear the spot. Decorate an environment afresh, restore unvarnished.
Shenzhen cafe of 39 cities center grooms of the data-----How to receive hear report
1. Receive surely in 3 noises listen. The phone that all coming, be sure to be in 3 noises receive listen, only such ability reflect the work efficiency of wine shop adequately, after saying hello to, sign up for an unit again, send his respects to again language, can avoid to make not clear identity and the trouble of the phone that dial a fault so; For example: “ hello, city center cafe, can excuse me I help you what is busy? Whats do not say ” him avoid by all means, just ask opposite party blindly, “ who are you, which unit, you look for his what thing to wait, such ” practices are extremely clodhopping, additionally notable is, say hello to, sign up for an unit, complimentary language this 3 person the order of begin language cannot put upside down or make a mistake, such complaisant appearing, give a person a kind of kind sense.
2. Avoid to use too careless language. Enthusiasm and rhetorical and appropriate language are the main factor with phone successful answer, we can compare the heart the heart, if you go calling, touch on conversation of the other side is curt, very clodhopping asks: “ is fed, who do you look for? Be absent! ” Ka Ca, hanged the phone, if make an inquiry again,his where went, the other side replies very impatiently: “ does not know, be to tell you he is absent? How to hit again, true long-winded ” right now your mood how?
3. Want to learn listen respectfully. Before the guest is told, must not break his word, if listen so that do not understand the other side, want repeat, lest made a mistake the meaning of the other side, if the guest is complained, receive listen want patience, the word of reply the other side, should very notice mood and expression, want to appear enthusiastic, affable, kind, want the other side to be able to experience your attention to him.
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