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C. Pour wine norms: Beer, soda water 8 minutes full, hot wine 9 minutes full, foreign wine one P (one ounce)
D. Pour wine method: Pour beer, soda water but a bit inside edge cup slowly below pour, mixture wine first foreign wine of the pour after pour soda water.
10. Receive a teacup. After be water of the wine on guest pour, must consult guest opinion, mog the teacup. When if discover smoke handleless cup,having butt, build a clean smoke handleless cup above, take tray together, next the smoke handleless cup with clean replace.
11. Go up soup, the requirement of serving. Dish lid is opened after dish appears on the stage, the newspaper gives dish name, do gesticulation “ to use ” slow please.
Note: After above path dish, need the 2nd times to send sweet towel, in order to show cleanness. Shang Shi should allocate for the guest on, requirement every bowls are even, press next first female hind male order goes to every bowls of Shang Duan actively the guest's right. Go up when main stem dish, whether does active consult guest need rice; If the guest needs, delimit by the amount go up in food card. If there are a few dishes to had taken full place on eat stage, and below one dish when insufficient position, should depend seek guest opinion, least dishful dish will be remained to allocate on the stage guest or put to another small dish or mog, go up next another dish.
12. Stage of make one's rounds. If discover to there is two aboves butt in smoke handleless cup, want to dismiss immediately. Dish of will empty dish and empty soup bowl mog. Evacuate tableware carries next column dish, tableware leaves hurdle by what appoint dish put away, dismiss in time bone dish, when changing, must undertake in guest right and make asked gesture, when if the guest is in,chatting, should remind a visitor.
13. Between banquet diligent add wine water. When finishing last dish, should tell guest “ actively the sir / young lady, the course that you choose had gone up neat ” enquires whether the guest wants to increase fruit or sweetmeats.
14. Receive dinner service of the dish that remove dish. Ask for so that the guest agrees first, ability closes remove (empty dish except) appearance should be chased to close in the guest's right remove, receive a chopstick first, chopstick wearing, spoon closes after, the other tableware such as flavour dish reachs goblet. With dirty content clip clears mesa.
15. Tea is heated up on. By the guest boiled water is added after drinkable kettle buys tea formerly, change a cup additionally, for the tea after on guest pour one cup of meal. (when Taichun of make one's rounds discovers the guest's kettle is opened, want to add boiled water immediately, it is guest pour again next tea.
16. Go up sweetmeats, fruit. Go up the sweetmeats dinner service that plans clean first before sweetmeats, active and even allocate sweetmeats to the guest; Sail upstream before fruit, inspect why to plant dish of the bone on fruit clique, fruit fork, carry the fruit to guest desk, say: Mr “** / young lady, manager of our wine shop sends this, use slow please. ”
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