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Hotel meal grooms
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3. The clerk stands sentry on the post of be assigned personal responsibility for, smiling face greets a visitor, assist consult guest to arrange a guest to enter, bow a bit tell: Mr “ / young lady, hello, welcome aboard! ”
4. Pull chair to sit please, the chair that takes the woman first is pulled, when she sits down, stand by the chair table slowly, say: Mr “ / young lady, sit please ” makes asked gesture, know guest honour last name to consult guest.
A. Be good at observation who distinguishing is master.
B. Tell your visitor him surname to not be willing a little, cannot importune.
C. When the guest indissolubles to asking a full name, we can explain so: This is helpful for “ your ” or “ should have our name when the guest looks for you, facilitate we consult. ”
D. The clerk is in whole process, of concerned appellation guest should with its honour surname is premise.
5. Give towel strong tea. Give from guest right towel say: Mr “** / young lady, use towel please. ” pours tea next, if do not have from consult get the guest drinks what tea over there the guest, that is about him clerk asks a guest. (asking kind sees the 2nd. )
Requirement: Along with of requirement pouring tea is small feed, mustard sauce, before waiting for one reinstate tray to ask guest stand, from the first cup of courteous tea, attention: Boiled water asks 6 minutes full, first the man after the lady, first after guest advocate, undertake by the clockwise again, go up next mustard sauce, small feed.
6. Fall towel, take off a chopstick to cover. The Xi Jinhua that gets on dish spreads out, the shop is on guest genu or spread in eat dish bottom. (take off a chopstick to cover should undertake in guest right)
7. Market wine water. After the assistant chooses course, ground of the smile before going up namely enquires: Mr “ / young lady, need what beer excuse me, beverage or fruit juice? We have ** fruit juice quite pretty good, beer has golden power beer, qingdao beer. ”
Note: Rare wine kind after need gives guest check wine square but open, bishop shares out bonus, white two kinds, white wine must freeze, red wine must not freeze, whether does the meaning that presses a guest need to add lemon, word plum or snow green jade.
8. Issue sheet. Wine water is odd in duplicate, clear fill in station sign, full name, time, affix one's seal of the member that receive silver is handed in after amount and name. One couplet hands in red the member that receive silver, white the member that couplet makes bar takes wine water.
9. Pour wine asks.
A. Wine water wants the right from the guest on, the body is a bit inclined station, with the pose that bows slightly.
B. Ask wine to the guest, want to ask the guest likes what wine first, press wine of its meaning pour again, pour wine is ordinal: First advocate the host after guest, the direction that presses suitable hour hand next chases a pour to go up.
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