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Hotel meal grooms
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Floor serves basic and courteous term (serve normative and courteous term)
1. Greet a visitor---“ hello, welcome aboard! ”
2. Pull chair to ask---Mr “ / young lady, sit please! ”
3. Ask tea---“ excuse me gentleman / does the young lady like what to tea drink? ”
4. Clique napkin---Mr “ / young lady, use towel please. ”
5. Pour tea---Mr “ / young lady, use tea please. ”
6. Ask wine water---Mr “ / young lady, like to some of what wine water drink excuse me? ”
7. Pour wine water---Mr “ / young lady, help water of wine of the ** on your pour? ”
8. Receive a teacup---Mr “ / young lady, help you receive the teacup? ”
9. Go up soup---“ this is ** soup, use slow please. ”
10. Serving---“ this is ** dish, ask everybody to be used slow. ”
11. Change bone dish---Mr “ / young lady, help you change bone dish. ”
12. Dismiss saucer---“ excuse me, can this saucer close? ”
13. Sail upstream if really---If really manager of ** of our wine shop sends “ is born this dish, it is the little little purpose of this wine shop, use slow please. ”
14. The tea after the meal---“ uses hot tea please. ”
15. Checkout---Which does “ buy sheet excuse me? ”“ many thanks 8 fold many thanks of ”“ of N much money to receive many thanks of ”“ of N much money to seek N much money. ”
16. See a visitor out---Presence of “ many thanks, the welcome is in next time come, do obeisance to! ”
Need to hit “ to ask the gesticulation of ” in the operation
Take a sign---Help chair signal---Fly a sign---Pour tea gesticulation---Situation of pour wine jack-tar---Receive teacup signal---Dismiss bone dish gesticulation---Change ashtray sign---Go up soup gesticulation---Distribute soup signal---Increase soup sign---Serving gesticulation---Dismiss dish dish gesticulation---Go up tea gesticulation---Sail upstream fruit gesticulation---See a visitor out gesticulation
Normative and courteous diction reachs operating sequence
1. When the guest enters dining room, before consult guest should go up actively, enthusiastic consult guest Mr “ / young lady, hello! Welcome aboard, excuse me you are a few? ” asks after the guest replies: “ excuse me gentleman / young lady your name? ”
2. After leading the visitor to the seat, pull chair to sit please (make asked gesture) . Both hands hands a guest cookbook and say: Mr “** , this is our dish card. ” asks a guest next: “ hello, what tea to drink excuse me? We this has Pu Er, scented tea, a variety of oolong tea. . . After tea of make choice of of guest of ” waiting for tea, the tea that should choose guest place tells the clerk of bleachers.
Requirement: The language is kind, maintain a smile, make the guest has get special get valued feeling. Tell honour last name of the guest quickly the waitress that chair plays to ask tea before going up, and the foreman of this area, minister, keep the full name on dish card.
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