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Hotel meal grooms
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Hotel meal grooms
It is as a dining-room or wine shop before practice, perhaps be before mount guard of a batch of new employee, must have a specific administrative target, to reach the level of this target, want to achieve this goal, undertake grooming to employee with respect to need.
List an outline first:
The first class: Above all every employee makes self introduction, full name, native place, position, the hobby, in order to improve the knowledge between employee.
The 2nd class: Understand the regulations system of the company, administrative framework and of this wine shop manufacture basically characteristic, explain employee material benefits.
The 3rd class: The appearance appearance of employee, floor serves basic and courteous term.
The 4th class: Meal serves 5 big demands and dining-room clerk operating sequence.
The 5th class: Normative and courteous diction reachs operating sequence.
The 6th class: Floor ministry recieves a process (explain in detail)
The 7th class: To the understanding of wine water, the price reachs pour way, do city to Remy Martin, xuan Ni poem reachs the basic understanding of whisky.
The 8th class: The preparation of the cook before banquet works, the burden of main material etc of the cook before banquet, advanced clerk wants control service skill.
The 9th class: How to pour well-known tea.
The 10th class: The service program of large feast banquet and preparation work.
Eleventh class: How to become an outstanding clerk.
Dozenth class: The detailed program that hall room serves.
Meal grooms data (one)
Employee appearance appearance
1. The dress of employee dresses up is the component with formal and main hotel, with contemporary and modern vocabulary is told, this calls the figure of employee to promote, the coverall with pure and fresh employee is met the figure of aggrandizement hotel, accordingly, employee is worn the main demand of outfit is “ cleanness orderly ” , the spiritual outlook of clean and orderly dress report employee and the strict sex that the hotel serves, if apparel not orderly, can destroy the form of the hotel.
2. Dividing outfit is orderly outside, the hair must be combed orderly, leather shoes must polish, the hand must be washed clean, fingernail must be repaired orderly, female employee must make up weak, do not wear heavy make-up, also not be richly bejewelled, should not wear overmuch jewelry more.
3. Employee must not chat casually in working hours, quaky and on foot attitude wants straight, two tactics is not gotten across is put before the bosom or insert in the pocket, 3 light “ should be accomplished to walk in the service light, conversation is light, the movement is small”
4. The ways one gets along with others pays attention to courtesy, complaisant, this is to do well the crucial place that the hotel serves, employee wants a smile to entertain a guest, want to use courteous term, courtesy does not involve any cost, courteous meeting brings more profit, courtesy is the main factor that make a guest satisfactory and brings a head customer.
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