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If why handle a guest to complain
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If why handle a guest to complain
1) in advance stands up greeting;
2) the society apologizes. Those who face a guest to point out, cannot the mistake of shirk, must accomplish not tire of irritated, not chicanery, not evade;
3) try to solve guest problem;
4) notice listen respectfully;
5) the anger that notices to appease a guest, do not argue with the guest;
6) turn through fork topic, transfer guest fury;
7) offer new proposal to the guest, point out the advantage of new proposal;
8) the station considers an issue in guest footing (conversion thinks) ;
9) through pouring tea, send the material such as the fruit the measure to guest excuse, alleviation atmosphere;
10) carry sth through to the end, in order to leave language leave good impression to the guest.

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