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Level of state of handler of hotel industry profession
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Level of state of handler of hotel industry profession


News source: Internet issue date: 2007-7-13 browses person-time: 1986

Draft by Chinese restaurant association, committee of management of standardization of total bureau of supervisory quarantine of national quality technology, country releases " handler of hotel industry profession hold job seniority condition " (GB/T19481-2004) (the following abbreviation: Sunlight? was carried out formally on August 1, 2004. This is our country in senior administrator hold the level of the first state of job seniority condition, also be industry of our country hotel draws lessons from international management experience, the another state level after level of afterwards star grade. Of the standard coming on stage is to fulfil it is with the person this scientific progress view, the major move of strategy of executive talent powerful nation, talent of high to education administrative levels, high skill will produce positive effect. This standard basis is record of formal schooling (certificate of record of formal schooling) , experience (the working fixed number of year on administrative position) , qualifications and record of service (hold the position of / of general manager, owner to run a person, or manager of the executive general manager of the company, branch) , recieve training circumstance, management outstanding achievement the profession, declare a condition basically to be as follows:

1, primary profession handler
Post: Suffer hire the in-service and intermediate administrator at the home or one much home restaurant. Applicable position includes but not be confined to: Assistant manager of sectional manager, branch, director.
Record of formal schooling: Have record of formal schooling of above of university specialized subject (or the same educational level) .
Hold a post fixed number of year: The full-time job that be in or are 2 years of aboves on position of several intermediate government is experienced.
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