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Lin Changqing
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China teachs industrial group general manager
Hong Kong hotel runs online business school presiding and advisory division;
Asia 10 groom greatly master, the first CTM of Chinese (Cost Technique Marketing) management expert;
Chinese hotel and meal profession handler, master of industrial and commercial management;
Guild of international education culture grooms master;
Domestic famous public house / meal management and service major groom master;
Labor ensures a resource of high labor power to run division;
6 constant eminent manage Chinese hotel and meal more father;
Net of government of Chinese meal cost is presiding and advisory master;
Singapore is big China hotel (5 stars class) groom advisory;
Group of sweet meal of Hong Kong paddy is senior groom master;
Group of food of garden of Shenzhen new plum hires instructor especially;
Research center of development of scene graph meal is advanced and advisory master;
" administrative dance " author, oriental press is published;
" meal restaurant 6 constant management " author; Economy runs a publishing house;
" meal hotel is first-class foreman " author, labor ensures ministry press;
Nanjing Hua Wo runs division of advisory firm senior adviser;
Shanghai Si Long enterprise seeks advice from limited company to hire instructor especially;
Chinese chain and author of concessionary magazine column;
Online business school hires Beijing famous expert especially senior lecturer;
Shenzhen city education grooms to diplomatic shedding the center hires instructor especially;
Limited company of Beijing times brilliance hires instructor especially;
Chinese cartel is met instructor of engage by special arrangement;
Instructor of engage by special arrangement of courtyard of Shanghai company division;
Instructor of AMT engage by special arrangement
Instructor of engage by special arrangement of Shanghai emperor eaves;
… of instructor of engage by special arrangement of class of each famous university EMBA…
Was woven be meal man of the time by the country 2006;
Chinese president groomed 2006 the net is judged for instructor of actual combat major;
Hong Kong meal manages an institute to teach;

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